IG Japhet Koome accuses opposition of hiring bodies to paint police in bad light

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On Tue, 8 Aug, 2023 14:45 | 2 mins read
Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome
Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome. PHOTO/Courtesy

Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome has accused the opposition of hiring dead bodies from the morgues to paint police officers in a bad light.

Speaking at the National Police Training College in Kiganjo during the opening of a six-week senior officers training course, Koome said that the opposition has been hiring dead bodies to accuse the officers of killing them during the protests.

"We are going to discharge our mandate without losing focus. We are aware of the situation we are in, a lot of propaganda with the intention of demoralizing police officers and intimidating them. We have seen in the recent past senior members of the society going to mortuaries, hiring dead bodies, calling media and telling them that they were killed by police officers. How low can our leaders go?" he posed.

He, however, said that the police service will not relent in carrying out its mandate of protecting its people and property no matter the accusations.

"I want to tell them that we will not stop carrying out our mandate even if they continue with their accusations because we have a duty and a responsibility of maintaining law and order," he said.

Koome on protests management

Koome said that the force is well-guided on matters of law enforcement saying that they cannot allow Kenya to be a failing state where there is no law and order.

"We know what is going on in other countries and we cannot allow the country to go that way. Whoever wants to demonstrate can do so but I can assure you that the force must protect the people and property," Koome said.

Koome defended his officers against accusations of brutality saying that they are civil in dealing with protestors.

"As the National Police Service, we have a role to protect lives and property. We have a responsibility to ensure that this country is secure and safe and that is the mandate we are going to discharge without fear or favour. They can continue threatening us that so and so will go to ICC, which has no implications at all in terms of commitment. We have a duty to serve our beautiful country and therefore we will not be intimidated," he said.

Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition party leader Raila Odinga has however denied the allegations, saying that all the bodies had gunshot wounds.

"It is very disappointing to hear IG Japhet Koome say that we hired dead bodies to accuse police of brutality. I don't know which world he lives in because the bodies we buried have bullet wounds and death certificates confirming the cause of death," Raila said.

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