Kindiki vows to continue operation against rogue churches, preachers

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On Sun, 18 Jun, 2023 17:07 | < 1 min read
Interior CS Kithure Kindiki
Interior CS Kithure Kindiki. PHOTO/Twitter @KindikiKithure

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has vowed to continue the fight against rogue churches and preachers in the country.

Speaking after attending a church service at the PEFA Church Kamahuha, Maragua Constituency, Murang'a Country, Kindiki said the government would not relent until the country is void of rogue preachers and churches.

"Religious extremism also ranks in the list of national security threats. The government respects the freedom of worship and acknowledges the role played by a majority of religious leaders and organisations in spiritually nourishing their followers and contribution to development programs in various sectors among them education, health, and water," Kindiki said.

"However, the process of making religious organisations accountable will continue until all rogue preachers and criminals who use Holy Scriptures to mislead their followers are conclusively dealt with," Kindiki added.

This comes days after the death toll in Shakahola Forest hit 336 on Friday, June 16, 2023. Most of the dead are suspected to be followers of controversial preacher Paul Mackenzie of Good News International Church, who were influenced to fast to death "to meet Jesus".

Kindiki on drugs

Kindiki has also vowed to continue with the fight against illicit brews and narcotic drugs in Central Kenya.

"The manufacture, trade, use, and abuse of illicit alcohol and narcotic drugs in Central Kenya and other parts of the Country is a serious security threat. We risk losing an entire generation. The Government will not backtrack in this fight and will deploy equal, if not more ruthlessness and viciousness as it has in combating terrorism and banditry," he added.

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