Dark Valentine vigil to be held at UoN in memory of femicide victims

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On Tue, 13 Feb, 2024 16:44 | 2 mins read
Kenyans protest against femicide. PHOTO/(@AfricaUncensored)

Media personality Janet Mbugua has announced a solemn event, the ‘Dark Valentine’ vigil, dedicated to remembering the women who fell victim to femicide in Kenya.

In a statement shared on her Instagram, the philanthropist expressed the sombre mood this Valentine’s Day week due to the tragic loss of many women to the acts of violence this past few weeks.

"It might be Valentine’s Day week, but a darkness hovers. This is because many who we should be celebrating love with, are instead being grieved," she wrote.

The vigil is scheduled at the University of Nairobi (UoN) main campus on Wednesday, February 14, from 4 pm to 7.00 p.m.

Mbugua noted that the purpose of the event is to honour the memory of the victims of femicide and to exert pressure on Parliament and County Assemblies, which are opening on February 13, 2024, to address the demands outlined in a petition.

"On Wednesday the 14th of February, there will be a Dark Valentine vigil taking place at the University of Nairobi Main Campus from 4.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m., as a vigil and memorial to our lost sisters as well as to put pressure on Parliament and County Assemblies opening on the 13th of Feb 2024 to read and act on our demands to our delivered petition," Janet Mbugua stated.

Additionally, Janet has appealed for support from the public, encouraging those who can contribute items such as candles, water, flowers, and handkerchiefs for the participants of the vigil.

These items can be sent to Shem Plaza, Lusaka Rd, 5th floor, with further inquiries directed to 0740616551.

"Ahead of the national vigil, if you can, please send some items to support those who will be participating. Items include candles, water, flowers, and handkerchiefs. Send them to Shem Plaza, Lusaka Rd, 5th floor. Contact 0740616551 for more information," she urged.

Furthermore, Janet emphasized the importance of financial contributions to sustain the movement, urging individuals to send funds to +254720 333 141.

"Send any funds to aid in resourcing the movement, to +254720 333 141," she added.

End femicide protests

On January 27, 2024, nationwide peaceful protests took place as women and men united against the alarming rise in femicide in the country.

Demonstrators, carrying diverse placards, passionately urged security agencies to swiftly apprehend and prosecute perpetrators.

Chanting slogans like "Teach your son! Sisi ni watu sio wanyama" (We are humans, not animals), the protests spanned various cities, starting from Jeevanjee Gardens in Nairobi and extending to the Central Business District (CBD).

Similar marches occurred in Kisumu, Isiolo, and Nyeri on different days.

Prominent leaders, including Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris and her Kisumu counterpart Ruth Odinga, actively participated in the protests.

Passaris, addressing the crowd, emphasized the need for the judiciary to expedite cases and incarcerate criminals.

She stressed that addressing the root causes of violence required collective societal efforts beyond the scope of women representatives.

Leaders such as Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru used their media platforms to denounce the recent spate of killings.

The protests were prompted by a series of gruesome femicides, including the brutal murder of Rita Waeni, who was strangled and dismembered.

Other victims included Starlet Wahu (26), Harriet Moraa (19), Stella Adongo (21), and several others. The demonstrations served as a collective plea for urgent action and justice to curb the disturbing trend of femicide in the country.

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