Why your hair gets frizzy and what you can do about it

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Why your hair gets frizzy and what you can do about it
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We are used to complaining about dry, oily, brittle hair, but frizzy hair causes no less trouble. Why does my hair get frizzy and what to do? Let's talk.

Most often, hair starts to become frizzy due to lack of moisture. This trouble can happen both with curly hair, which is naturally drier and more porous, and with straight hair, damaged by constant styling, chemicals, and colouring. Curls also suffer from rough combing, the use of tight elastic bands and hairpins.

How to tame frizzy hair?

Proper cleansing

Frizzy hair tends to be looser and more porous. Their health and beauty largely depend on the products we use for home care. Professional shampoos, conditioners, and masks designed specifically for damaged hair will help restore and heal it, protect it from external influences, and make it visible.

Regular shampoos, due to their sulfate content, lift the scales of the hair shaft. There are no sulfates in the care lines for damaged hair, and during the washing process, the scales, on the contrary, are smoothed out. Curls acquire smoothness, and shine, and look natural and lively.

In addition, such products contain moisturizing and protective components that envelop the hair.

Include cosmetics in your care program for deep nutrition and hair restoration: keratin masks, balms, and ampoules. To smooth the cuticle, it is recommended to do oil treatments before washing. After washing, you can use a leave-in conditioner.

Apply a few drops of this product along the entire length of your hair. You can use special hair oils and leave-in fluid creams that restore the hair structure and have an antistatic effect.

Be careful with products that are designed to add volume to curls - shampoos, conditioners, mousses. Such products will make your hair frizz even more.

To tame frizzy hair, while still enjoying the thrill of online betting Ghana, opt for hydrating hair masks infused with argan oil as you strategize your next virtual game.

Hair end care

Our hair is nourished from the roots, and the longer it is, the worse the ends are supplied with useful substances. The only way to nourish them is to influence them from the outside.

To solve the problem of dry and split ends, once or twice a week, apply a special product specifically addressed to them, or just a nourishing mask for dry hair, or even regular burdock oil.

Apply it to the ends of your hair, wrap it under a cellophane shower cap or a simple plastic bag, and cover it with a towel. This is especially important for those who have longer-than-average hair.

Correct styling

You should avoid hot styling with a hairdryer, and even more so with straightening irons. If you can’t handle your hair without this, at least don’t use hairsprays and mousses. Such products dry out the hair and are better replaced with alternative ones - creams, waxes, veils, and oils.

Thermal protective products should also be especially trusted: not all of them reliably protect hair from drying out. If your curls become electrified, moisturizers with essential oils, such as ylang-ylang or rosemary, will help save your hair. Many of them come in spray form, making them easy to take with you and use anywhere.

Notably, use a flat brush or a large rounded one for a hair dryer. The larger the nozzle, the better. Dry the strands one by one, directing the air downward to smooth the hair cuticle.

Professional care

It is advisable to supplement regular home care with professional care. For example, take a course on restorative procedures in a salon. Oil hair wraps are good.

This is a very deep nourishing procedure; it radically improves the condition of curls in just a few sessions. To maintain the effect obtained for a long time, it is advisable to laminate the hair, which seals it along its entire length.


This is a medical method of hair colouring.

If your goal is not only to improve the condition of dry, brittle, split ends but also to make your hair more voluminous, try phytolamination. The essence of the care is to treat the strands with a special composition that evens out damage and cracks in the hair and normalizes the acid-base balance of the scalp.

Thanks to the enveloping protective layer, the hair structure improves, it becomes less fragile and porous. It is advisable to do phytolamination as a protective procedure before dyeing or perm. And also for hair restoration after any aggressive manipulation.

The phytolamination preparation contains only natural ingredients, so the procedure is not contraindicated for people with sensitive scalps, allergies, and pregnant women. The duration of the treatment is approximately two hours, depending on the thickness and length of the hair. The effect lasts for six to seven weeks.

Hair polishing

The care is ideal for those who are growing their hair and do not want to shorten it, and for those whose hair is subject to constant heat treatment and frequent dyeing and bleaching.

With the help of polishing, you can remove hair damage, and make it smooth and even. The strands will not get tangled when combing, they will become softer and more manageable.

Hair can split anywhere, and not just at the ends, as many people believe. Due to such damage, the hair becomes weak, brittle, and begins to fluff.

Before polishing, the curls are straightened with a straightening iron. Then they proceed directly to process each strand with a machine. It is recommended to do polishing once every three to four months.

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