What you should know about a ‘no string attached’ relationship

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On Tue, 12 Mar, 2024 06:00 | 2 mins read
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From situationships and friends with benefits, there are many types of relationships out there, and many ways to refer to someone you’re casually dating or hooking up with.

If you aren’t necessarily looking for something serious right now, you may even find yourself in a “no strings attached” scenario. But what exactly is a “no strings attached” (NSA) relationship, and how do you know if it’s the right dynamic for you?

A NSA situation is when individuals have a sexual relationship, but aren’t necessarily committed to each other romantically. This might mean that you’re casually hooking up with someone periodically, or on an ongoing, regular basis. These hookups focus exclusively on the sexual aspect, without romantic or friendship commitments or components.

At a glance, NSA relationships can resemble “friends with benefits” situations—in which you’re hooking up with a friend—except there’s usually even less of an emotional tie,. Generally, “‘friends with benefits,’ ‘situationships,’ and ‘no strings attached’ all refer to a type of loosely-defined relationship agreement that involve sex and are not considered exclusive.

One major benefit of having a NSA relationship is simply being able to enjoy sex and physical intimacy.

 Also, the thrill and excitement of hooking up with someone casually can add a spicy dynamic to your dating life, and you may find someone who’s sexually compatible with you.

Another pro of having a NSA dynamic is that you can enjoy physical connection with someone you’re attracted to, but without the requirement or obligation to launch into a full relationship with them. There’s no pressure to commit.

However, there are also cons to this type of casual relationship. Because many NSA relationships are focused on the physical aspect, a potential downside is that your connection may end up lacking emotional intimacy.

The other person doesn’t have to put in the effort to be there for you in difficult times, so you might feel a void or lonely during those times. Feeling physically and sexually satisfied is a great feeling, but if you find yourself craving more emotional presence or support, the “no strings” dynamic may not feel right.

Additionally, no matter how you define your relationship, there’s (unfortunately) always a chance that someone’s feelings will get hurt. And although many “no strings attached” relationships begin with the hope of everyone getting out unscathed, conflict and heartbreak can still happen for a variety of reasons.

For example, “one person can catch feelings,” which can lead to “hurtful endings” if the other person doesn’t return the love.

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