2023: How to enjoy to the fullest in December and not go broke in January

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On Sat, 23 Dec, 2023 10:00 | 2 mins read
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The holiday season is here and everyone hopes to make the best out of it in terms of enjoying. But no one wants to run broke.

Normally, enjoying to the fullest could be the precursor to running broke, as may have been seen in people who fell from grace to grass.

Similarly, a rich December full of enjoyment has become the genesis of a broke and strenuous January in many years, what Kenyans have dubbed 'Njaanuary'.

In this article, we will help you enjoy it to the fullest, without running broke and calling your friends 'fake' just because they cannot give you "Ksh1,000 urgently" when you borrow in January.


Financial experts say that any money without a name, however big it is, is useless. Give your money names, depending on what you earn.

In your budget, pay for the basics first, like rent, electricity and food before you indulge in any form of enjoyment.

Your holiday should be budgeted for, from January salary, and not from December salary. Budgeting for your holiday does not limit you but helps you get what you want at the correct price without straining much.

Take advantage of offers

Almost all big chain stores have festive season offers. Take advantage of them.

Such offers help you buy several commodities for less, saving you some coins which could be of help during hard times, or rather Njaanuary.

Enjoy with family

With family, you only need to pay for food and drinks, with a free venue at home.

Staying at home will help you spend less, as compared to going for holidays away from home.

You can plan to go for holidays away from home in the middle of the year and go home during the December festivities.

During the December festivities, most holiday destinations are crowded and prices are exaggerated, something that would leave you high and dry. Avoid holiday destinations during December festivities.

Sort January bills early

Most companies pay December salaries early, which is supposed to sort January bills.

Some people forget that the next time they receive their salary is towards the end of January or early February.

Once you get your December salary (and maybe bonus), pay your January rent, school fees and other bills before you spend for festivities. This ensures that you do not have to worry while spending during the festivities.

Travel early

Do not wait for rush hour to travel home. At this time, there is no congestion and fares are not exaggerated. Unless you have private means of transport, do not wait to travel at the last minute.

If you know of a friend with private means of transport, talk to them and do not forget to top up their fuel expenditures.

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