MP Salasya promises to build house for Stivo Simple Boy after claims artiste is broke

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On Sun, 2 Jul, 2023 11:25 | 2 mins read
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Mumias East Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Salasya has promised singer Stephen Otieno Adera alias Stevo Simple Boy a house after claims emerged that the artiste is sinking into poverty.

Speaking to the artiste on Saturday, July 1, 2023, Salasya pledged to build the 'Mihadarati' hitmaker a house in his rural home in Oyugis.

He also promised the singer that he will rent him a house in Nairobi and pay rent for the first three months as the artiste gains stability.

"I will help you wherever I can, I will build a house for you in Oyugis….so Monday, you will have a new home, tafta ile nyumba itakupendeza mimi I will do the necessary. For the first three months, I'll pay rent for you so that you stabilise, I'll also look for some furniture, mattress, bed, for you," he stated.

He also offered nuggets of wisdom to the artiste and encouraged him to become a sole proprietor in his business.

"I also want you to be your man on your own, manage your own resources, manage your own money, because if you have been in the industry and it's not helping you there is no point," he stated.

"I don't want you to have a manager, I want you to handle things on your own. Nikiwa campaign I was the controller the manager, the budgeter, everything, that is why now you see they are enjoying (Stivo's manager) and you are here suffering, and that is how most artistes are suffering," he added.

Further, Salasya called out celebrities using the disgruntled artiste for selfish gains such as gaining popularity without offering him assistance.

"Tuache kubeba hawa artistes ujinga, wanakuja wanamake stories wanatrend they don't help the young people….wale wanatafuta kutrend na they are not doing what they have promised to do mshindwe kabisa," he added.

Stivo became the talk of town after his wife disclosed that the rapper was broke.

Kuna changamoto ambazo ziko kwa hio nyumba ndo maana kwa sahizi naweza nkasema kitu ya kwanza anapitia mambo magumu na hawezi akasema. Shida yake yeye ni muoga na kijana mpole sana hawezi ongea. Kwangu mimi siwezi nikaona ati bwanangu anahangaika halafu ye ni muoga wa kuongea so lazima niseme tu venye ako,” she stated.

"Wakati nikiwa kwetu Taita alikua ananiambia anaumia hana pesa kwa nyumba so mi nilikua nafikiria ni mchezo maybe hizo mambo na kiki so kuja huku kuishi naye dah ndo nkayakuta hayo mengi tu." she added.

Stivo's woes began after his management Men In Black (MIB) announced the termination of their contract with him.

"We would like to notify you that we no longer wish to proceed with our musical contract with you. This letter serves as a notice to you of our intent to terminate the contract in a lawful and in accordance with the protocols," MIB said.

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