Man walks on slackline while juggling knives

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Man walks on slackline while juggling knives.
Man walks on slackline while juggling knives. PHOTO/Print

Edgar Yudkevich practises a sport that not many have the guts to try.

The record holder from Poway, California, USA, is a professional slackliner and has broken the record for the greatest distance travelled on a slackline whilst juggling three knives, after walking 10.47 m (34 ft 4 in) in the air.

Slacklining is a sport where a person walks along a rope that is stretched above the ground between two points, similar to tightrope walking.

The slackline was rigged one metre high before Edgar stepped onto it. Since he personally knew multiple Guinness World Records title holders, he was inspired to try and break a record himself.

“The day that I attempted this record was on World Circus Day and there was a community gathering of circus artists in Coronado, California,” he said.

Edgar says he has been slacklining and juggling various objects for over 12 years. Knives just seemed like the next logical thing to try.

“Because I am constantly training as a circus artist, I regularly do feats that others don’t understand, but that I feel are quite safe performing,” said Edgar. “In this case, I’ve had over 12 years of daily practice in juggling and balancing to aid me.”

Edgar says he is normally in decent enough shape to be able to perform this stunt because he constantly balances and juggles in the circus.

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