Kimani Mbugua appeals for help after being mugged while on TikTok live

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On Sun, 24 Mar, 2024 12:10 | 2 mins read
Former TV journalist Kimani Mbugua. PHOTO/Mbugua(@iamkimanimbugua)/Instagram
Former TV journalist Kimani Mbugua. PHOTO/Mbugua(@iamkimanimbugua)/Instagram

Former TV star Kimani Mbugua has appealed for help after losing his phone to muggers while on TikTok live.

In a post on Instagram, Mbugua says he was mugged while creating content during a morning walk in Jomoko in Thika.

He says that during the morning attack, he hurt his leg and hand.

"Guys I was mugged this morning while I was live on Tiktok by a guy with a panga, I was on my morning walk in Jomoko in Thika. I hurt my leg and hand but am doing okay," he revealed.

Mbugua says he has reported the matter to Kiandutu police station under OB no 05/23/03/24, and has appealed for help to recover his stolen phone, a Samsung A34.

"I reported the case to Kiandutu police station OB no 05/23/03/24. I am doing okay but I lost my Samsung A34 which you guys bought me, I was producing content with it, Kenya police please help me recover it please," he added.

Mbugua, who has been creating content since September 2023, after Kenyans fundraised over Ksh500,000 in a fundraiser led by TikToker Nyako.

Mbugua's show

He said he had bought media equipment with some of the money contributed by Kenyans and that he would be hitting the streets to record his new show.

"I am just overjoyed and I just wanted to say thank you. Each and every one of you who gave any amount of money thank you so so much for helping me get back on my feet. Today I got equipment, I got a new shooting device and I got a microphone which means I am going back to the streets where I belong," he said.

In an update on Saturday, September 14, 2023, Mbugua shared a sneak peek of his new show dubbed 'Unbroken' which he said will officially premiere on Sunday.

"Imagine I wouldn't be here without you! Launching my new show UnBroken tomorrow !! As a journalist, I have always believed that everyone has a unique story which is why I love going on the streets to talk to real people about real issues that affect us every day. UnBroken will be our space to talk about what we often don't talk about. Help me spread the word by sharing. Asante sana," he wrote.

However, the show has yet to premier, with the journalist focusing more on live TikTok shows and interacting with his fans.

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