Kabi WaJesus claims Veronica is not his biological sister

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On Sun, 25 Jun, 2023 17:01 | 2 mins read
Kenyan content creator Kabi onlooking his sister Veronica Kabi. PHOTO/Kabi &Veronica(@kabiwajesus &veronica.kabi)Instagram
Kenyan content creator Kabi onlooking his sister Veronica Kabi. PHOTO/Kabi &Veronica(@kabiwajesus &veronica.kabi)Instagram

Kenyan content creator, Kabi Wajesus has claimed that Veronica Kabi is not his biological sister despite introducing her as his sister years ago.

The controversial man revealed via his Instagram stories that he and Veronica only share a mother and that their fathers are different which according to him means they are not biological siblings.

The video is an update to his upcoming video on his YouTube channel.

This revelation comes days after his sister addressed on-air rumours about him neglecting their family in an interview.

Kabi introduces sister

About four years ago, the celebrated media personality introduced Veronica Kabi as his sister to his online fans.

It happened to be the YouTuber's birthday and she was turning 16 years old.

"Today is a special day my sister turns 16 am a proud big bro to @veronicah.kabi. I remember when I received the news that I have a sister I was in class 7 after being an only child for all those years I was so happy I left school straight to agha Khan hospital where you were born..." he wrote

In the hearty message, Kabi showed how close he was to his sister, recalling how he used to babysit her and could not let her cry.

" I used to baby seat you every day and I could not let you cry. I waited for you to grow up so that we can play together but unfortunately, I didn't wait for you I grew up as well. love your spirit kind, loving, honest and God fearing.." he added.

Veronica Kabi addresses rumours

Talking to a local YouTuber, Veronica addressed the rumours that the WaJesus family were neglecting them ( Kabi's side of the family)

Veronica noted that family is the most important thing and supporting each other should come first before any other person that comes later in the person's course of life.

"Usiwai ona familia yako haikupendi, wanakupenda. Na usisahau watu wenu. Mtu amekuja kwa life yako miaka mbili asikudanganye familia yako haikupendi," she said

When probed about getting support from her brother and sister-in-law, she said that she is an adult and she solely depends on herself however, he comes through since she is still a student.

She also addressed Kabi's viral video of "Bonoko" saying that people should stop saying that her brother was a street kid.

She revealed that they came from a well-off family and he was just acting in that song.

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