‘Lazima alipe dowry ya Ksh2 billion’ – Justina Syokau says on plans to marry 25-year-old

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On Sun, 12 Nov, 2023 15:06 | 2 mins read
Screengrabs of Justina Syokau holding a placard at the streets of Nairobi. PHOTO/(@Screengrab by Achieng Mary)

Gospel artiste Justina Syokau has evoked mixed reactions across social media platforms after she listed the qualities she is looking for in a partner.

The 'Twendi Twendi' hitmaker hit the streets with a placard over the weekend to declare that she was single and searching.

On the placard, the gospel musician had listed that she was ready to be married to a 25-year-old billionaire before the year ends.

While issuing specific timelines for her desires, the singer stated that her ideal man should buy her a diamond ring on the first day and pay her dowry worth Ksh2 billion on the second day.

On the third day, Justina says her ideal partner should give her a luxurious wedding on a yacht in Dubai and gift her a private jet for her wedding.

"Siku ya kwanza utanieka diamond ring ya kutoka Congo ya 5 million kwa sababu yeye ni billionaire, siku ya pili dowry payment Machakos kwetu utalipa 2 billion. Third day Dubai wedding, tutafanya wedding kwa yacht na nataka kupelekwa reception na chopper, nimechoka kutembea na magari, nataka nikue natembea na machopper. Private jet ndio nataka kama gift," she stated.

Even as the crowd told her off over her 'high' standards, the singer went on to explain that she also had much to offer her partner.

Among the things she listed was a voluptuous figure to die for, great cooking skills and a lot of love to give.

"Shepu niko nayo, kama ni kukupikia niko na mikono ya kukupikia, nitakupa mapenzi ambayo unahitaji. Nataka blanketi ambayo inapumua," she added.

Earlier, Justina revealed that she was looking for a younger man because they are energetic and great in fulfilling her sexual desires.

“I don’t want to date an old man. I want someone young, energetic, and good in bed. I want a 25-year-old billionaire. I don’t mind about his tribe or race,” she explained.

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