Jimal Roho Safi shares secret to keeping a woman loyal

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On Fri, 16 Jun, 2023 18:13 | 2 mins read
Jimal Rohosafi enjoying Amber Ray's company. PHOTO/Instagram
Jimal Rohosafi living large with Amber Ray's company. PHOTO/Instagram

Jimal Rohosafi lost two women around the same time since he could not pick one over the other.

One, Amira was the legal wife and mother of their two sons while Amber Ray was the girlfriend on the side waiting to be 'promoted' as a second wife.

But at the time, Amira had already made it clear that she would not be sharing a husband with a socialite; while Amber on the other hand seemed happy and contented.

To prove this, at some point, Amber Ray was even introduced to Jimal's family and uncles who allegedly approved her as a perfect fit for the second wife position.

However, what many did not understand is why Amber Ray (with all her glory) could not find her own man; a question that has finally found a fitting answer almost a year since their breakup.

Jimal Rohosafi on relationships

Well just recently, Jimal Roho Safi through his Instagram shared an interesting message directed at men wondering how they can turn their girlfriends loyal after years of getting toyed with.

"Most men aren't smart enough to realize that the higher you elevate your woman, the less available she is for other men," he started off with his relationship advice post.

Although this appears as an ironic statement following cheating allegations from his wife, Jimal still went on to advise men on the importance of elevating their women to avoid them looking elsewhere.

"When you break her down. You make her accessible to anyone she thinks will treat her better," Jimal added.

His posts come at a time when he decided to settle with his latest girlfriend, Wangare Thiong'o, a young lady with whom they have a daughter.

Jimal and Amira coparenting

Although details of his relationship with Amira remain on the low, the two continue to peacefully co-parent their two boys despite their ugly separation.

So far his ex-wife insists on living a private life following her experience with an ugly breakup between her and Jimal Roho Safi.

However having not been involved in any relationship scandals since his breakup with Amira and Amber Ray, then maybe the Matatu boss changed his life for the better.