‘Nipateni mbele’ – Jackie Matubia reveals she will be going on vacations alone

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On Tue, 18 Jul, 2023 17:48 | 2 mins read
Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia. PHOTO/Jackie Matubia(@jmatubia)/Instagram
Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia. PHOTO/Jackie Matubia(@jmatubia)/Instagram

Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia says she has made a decision to no longer let the fear of travelling alone hinder her from enjoying trips and vacations.

In a recent video, the mother of two candidly shared her tendency to postpone trips due to "loneliness" fear.

However, she announced that she would no longer allow this fear to hold her back and expressed her intention to embark on as many solo trips as possible.

Matubia emphasized that she will no longer wait for a lover to accompany her saying they should catch up.

She explained that a recent experience had made her realize that she can travel by herself, regardless of whether or not her partner is available.

"If your partner loves travelling and can be able to take care of your bills and everything else. Well for me clearly it was just the Lord telling me, 'Jackie you can travel by yourself '.This was just an amazing experience juu mimi I'm the kind of person, if I'm not going with someone I will postpone my happiness because I am scared to be by myself. And after this experience, I ain't waiting for no one, nipateni mbele," she said.

Jackie and baby daddies

In addition to her travel revelations, Matubia playfully flexed on social media about her first baby daddy's occupation while on a trip to South Africa.

Through her Instagram stories, she shared a photo she took on a plane and humorously asked her fans if they also had baby daddies who were pilots, adding a playful hashtag to the post.

Despite having two baby daddies, Matubia chose not to publicly celebrate either of them on Father's Day.

Instead, she shared a family photo featuring herself with her two children.

This has led netizens to speculate about the status of Matubia's relationship with her fiancé, Blessing Lung'aho.

However, Matubia later dismissed the rumours, stating that their relationship was fine and even shared a photo of them together. Lung'aho also swiftly dispelled the speculation, affirming that they were still in a positive space as a couple.

Despite Matubia's recent posts hinting at being single, the exact status of her relationship with Lung'aho remains unclear. Her cryptic messages on social media have left fans curious about the state of their union.

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