Harmonize calls out Khaligraph for ‘disrespecting’ Tanzanian rap artistes

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On Thu, 24 Aug, 2023 10:56 | 2 mins read
Collage of Harmonize and Khaligraph. PHOTO/Courtesy

Tanzanian singer Harmonize is now claiming that Khaligraph Jones is disrespectful to Tanzanian rappers after he challenged them to a rap battle.

In a statement shared, Harmonize called out the 'Yego' hitmaker for 'throwing shade' and belittling Tanzanian rappers when he got all the inspiration from Tanzanian artistes.

"How I went so hard to give you the only award this year sikujua you can feel that big and disrespect my brothers!!! You really know all your rap inspiration its from TZ bro don't forget home!!!! Unawajua weusi?? What about your daddy @Professorjaytz? " the 'Aiyola' hitmaker posed.

"Your level is lunya & con boy county boy and still wanakukalisha!! You can tell kupitia your collaborations. OG relax!! TZ hip-hop its on another level!!!! Even we love 254 hip hop," he added.

Khaligraph dares Tanzania

Khaligraph had gone after Tanzanian artistes claiming that they needed to revive their rap genre as it was dead.

While chest thumping and fronting himself as the best rapper in Kenya and Tanzania, the renowned rapper gave the Tanzanian rappers an ultimatum of 24 hours to prove him wrong by engaging in his rap battle failure to which he would take over their rap industry.

He challenged the artistes to record diss tracks within the time stipulated.

"TZ Rap was dead except for Lunya, Mex and a few others. The rest are doing amapiano, record diss tracks before attack everyone na msnijibu na amapiano, 24 hrs kama mnajiamini, failure to which I will come and launch an attack and I will take over the whole Tanzanian rap industry and I will be the best rapper in Tanzania just like I am in Kenya and Nigeria " he wrote.

A section of social media users pitched camp at the comment sections of the two artistes to weigh in on the debate. While some agreed with Harmonize quarters argued that rapping was not a cup of tea for Tanzanians.

Below are some of the comments:

iconic_fx wrote: OG is the one who gave harmonize an award hit not the opposite I hate listening to him in that song

f.r.e.y 2673 wrote: Jones wacha kubonga mingi kama unajiaminia kutaneni kwa uwanja

Clouty jeff wrote: Tz are simps they can't rap bruh

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