Elsa Majimbo opens up about her strained relationship with Naomi Campbell

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On Mon, 19 Feb, 2024 18:00 | 2 mins read
Elsa Majimbo opens up about strained relationship with model Naomi Campbell
A photo collage of British model Naomi Campbell and Kenyan content creator, chess champion Elsa Majimbo. PHOTOs/Getty Images

Social media influencer Elsa Majimbo has left tongues wagging after spilling the beans on her once-close bond with British model Naomi Campbell.

In a 9-minute video on TikTok, the internet sensation revealed that there has been a rift between them dating back to her documentary chronicling her journey from Kenya to Hollywood.

In the now-deleted video, Majimbo said she met the actress cum international model during her trip to Kenya in 2020 and spent quality time together vacationing in Malindi.

Elsa Majimbo, Naomi's strained relationship

First forward, the Chess champion recounted how tensions escalated when she premiered a documentary about her experiences with colourism and discrimination in Kenya without informing Campbell or crediting her, who had proposed the idea of the documentary in the first place.

In her video, Majimbo also accused Campbell of indirectly contributing to her battle with alcoholism and depression.

According to Majimbo, Campbell expressed outrage over not being informed about the documentary, leading to a strained phone call and eventual communication cutoff.

Majimbo said the fallout left her feeling ostracized in the industry, prompting her to start drinking.

Despite the rift, Majimbo acknowledged Campbell's initial support and contributions to her career.

"I’m not going to speak on that but I will say that Naomi did give me a lot of credibility, especially when I first came to Hollywood. She made me feel special; she did a lot of things for me," Elsa said.

Addressing her decision to delete tweets related to the issue, Majimbo clarified that it was not out of fear but a pursuit of peace.

"I stand by my words. Content in my decision. The tweets are deleted due to seeking peace, not fear. Y'all need to understand this is something that has happened since I was 19. My goal now is happiness," Elsa wrote on her X media.


"Naomi never force-fed me alcohol. The situation led to the action. My action. As I said, my part was played, and responsibility is mine."

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