Diamond, Zuchu thri*l fans with s****lly charged live performance after their supposed breakup

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On Mon, 2 Oct, 2023 09:57 | 2 mins read
Diamond and Zuchu perform at Wasafi Festival in Mbeya. PHOTOS/Instagram (@wcb_wasafi)

Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu dropped a thrilling performance together just when people were talking about their alleged breakup purportedly caused by Tanasha Donna.

The duo fired up revellers who attended the Wasafi Festival in Mbeya on Saturday night September 30, 2023.

Diamond and Zuchu dropped a sexually charged performance that would undoubtedly convince anyone they are still an item.

Their joint performance started with Zuchu waking Diamond up from his slumber before she violently shook her behind for him. The two then did things on stage that words are insufficient to describe.


Days ago, Zuchu responded to social media chatter after a netizen questioned her about Tanasha Donna's gift to Diamond's mother Sanura Sandra Kassim alias Mama Dangote.

"Umemuona bwana yako na Tanasha jana wavuvi wamenoga hatari?" A critic teased Zuchu.

Zuchu promptly responded to the comment, claiming that she had been single for a while and that Diamond was free to do as he pleased.

"Sio bwana yangu mpenzi. Been single for some time now. So he is free to do whatever he wants," Zuchu said.

Diamond holds Zuchu by her waist during their performance in Mbeya on September 30, 2023. PHOTO/Instagram (@wcb_wasafi)


In May 2023, immediately after Diamond was seen kissing and caressing with Ghanaian musician Francine Koffie aka Fantana, Zuchu stated she would not leave the Wasafi boss even if he fools around with other women.

Speaking after Diamond locked lips with Fantana and declared that it was the best kiss he had ever had in his life, Zuchu said she would never leave a man for cheating on her.

The 'Utaniua' hitmaker explained that she would only leave a man if he brings the side chick he is cheating with to their house.

Zuchu stressed that she had no problem with her man fooling around with other women in faraway places as long as he returns home to be with her.

Kucheat inategemea. Huwezi cheat mbele ya macho yangu nkakusamehe, hilo haliwezi tokea. Lakini ati umecheat zako huko makampepaka, nyumbani tukiwa wawili hehehe. Wewe utakaa huko na baby wako tutakutana nyumbani,” Zuchu said.

In another video, Zuchu said Diamond gives her whatever she wants, adding that he chased after her because of her breasts and not her butt (Fantana has big booty).

Simba anasema ndio kila ninalomwambia, bwana anasema ndio kila ninalomwambia. Moyo humuenda mbio jina akilisikia. Hajafwata makalio amekipenda kifua,” Zuchu sang.

Zuchu in early September this year revealed that Diamond was the one who broke her virginity and that she had not slept with any other man.

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