Tanzanian gospel artiste Christina Shusho set to perform in Kenya due to high demand

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On Tue, 28 Nov, 2023 10:04 | 2 mins read
Christina Shusho
Tanzanian gospel artiste Christina Shusho. PHOTO/(@ChristinaShusho)X

Tanzanian gospel artiste Christina Shusho is set to perform in Kenya in December due to high demand by fans.

Shusho took to her official X account to confirm that she was collaborating with her team and media personality Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill to have a concert on December 31, 2023.

"Due to increasing demands for a concert in Kenya my team and I are working with MwalimChurchill to have a concert on the 31st December 2023..( Kingereza kimeisha)," she stated.

Shusho's announcement came shortly after she sparked debate online over her use of the scripture in her lyrics.

This followed a video showcasing that the origin of the lyrics of her song Shusha Nyavu was the book of Luke Chapter 5, verse 4.

The song which tells a tale of Jesus and his search for disciples majorly focuses on the scene between Jesus and Simon Peter in the lake of galilee.

"Yesu alipokwisha kunena, alimwambia Simoni, tweka mpaka kilindini, mkashushe nyavu zenu. Bwana mkubwa tumefanya kazi ya kuchosha usiku kucha, Bwana mkubwa tumefanya kazi ata tusipate kitu," the lyrics captured from the Bible read in parts.

Quarters thronged different social media platforms to call out the artiste accusing her of plagiarism and lack of originality.

However, the revelation seemed to have made some already die-hards of her music become even more attached to her songs owing to her use of the scripture formulate songs.

The fans defended her stating that quoting the bible was a common practice among preachers and gospel singers.

Below are some of the comments:

A user identified as Kimrobstan wrote: “I am surprised you guys are surprised. This is how gospel music is supposed to be. Sing from the scriptures."

"She's making salvation sweeter cause the moment you start listening to her songs..you most definitely feel uplifted whether Christian or not! I said what I said," one user identified as thekingsfav_princess said.

Another user identified as sh.ree346 wrote: "How I love her messages..in fact, I will love them more if they are direct from the BIBLE. I wake up to listen to her glorifying songs."

"Getting to know the songs are directly from the Bible sounds even much better. Get me a Shusho." one user @chuckl.er said.

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