From second-hand clothes seller to media personality, Terryanne Chebet shares her resume

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On Fri, 1 Dec, 2023 12:07 | 2 mins read
Media personality Terryanne Chebet. PHOTO/Terryanne(@terryanechebet)/Instagram
Media personality Terryanne Chebet. PHOTO/Terryanne(@terryanechebet)/Instagram

Renowned media personality Terryanne Chebet has a trip down memory lane, recalling her humble beginnings in Kitale as a thrift clothes seller.

Taking to her Instagram, the accomplished journalist shared her resume listing all the side hustles she did before she got into the newsroom.

"Kicked off my journey in Kitale, where I sold second-hand clothes. First hustle," Chebet recalled.

She began her media career in radio, eventually becoming a business editor and anchor.

The mother of two, who is also a Strategic Business Development Lead at CNBC Africa, revealed her passion for cooking noting that her butter chicken could "solve world problems," and her Tiramisu has the power to make anyone "question their life choices."

In addition to her thriving career and culinary skills, Chebet is a devoted parent to two girls, who interestingly share a 12-year age gap.

"Parenting two girls, 12 years apart – because why not make life a hilarious sitcom?" she added.

The media personality also revealed she loves night games, declaring herself a "game night aficionado."

Chebet claims that she excels at scrabble, and losing at charades is just a warm-up for the next triumphant round.

Chebet emphasized her commitment to empowering women and uplifting her fellow peers.

She has been actively involved in fostering a supportive community through "Africa’s Leading Ladies Community" on Facebook, encouraging others to join her on this uplifting journey.

"I’m the Vision Board Queen. Growing, thriving, and uplifting my fellow women, and taking my tribe with me," Chebet shared.

In an earlier post, she shared her past in the newsroom as a junior TV Producer, recalling a time when she explored beauty and excelled as a makeup artist.

"It is in times like this I'm reminded that my first side hustle was as a makeup artist ( 2003-2005). I was a junior TV Producer who wanted more, it was fun, I made some money, grew my networks, and still in awe that at that time not many people took you seriously when you said you were the makeup artist on set," she reminisced.

Chebet resumes undergraduate degree

The journalist recently decided to return to school to complete her undergraduate degree after an illustrious 17-year career in journalism.

Through her Instagram page, she shared this exciting news and her thoughts on embarking on a new educational journey as a student mother.

Chebet expressed her initial confusion as she delved into the world of academia once again.

"Taking a leap of faith today, doing an exam and confused about 'Traditions, Values, Theories'... Maaan!!!"

The accomplished journalist explained that her motivation to return to school was rooted in her belief in the power of pursuing one's dreams.

She emphasized that furthering her education was a crucial step for her personal and professional growth.

Chebet proudly announced her enrollment at the United States International University Africa (USIU).

"Why? Because I firmly believe that my next level requires it. That's why I wear my student badge so proudly! (I go to @usiuafrica)," she declared.

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