South Korea

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong-un ‘apologises for killing of South Korean official’

By | 10 months ago

Seoul said the man was shot dead and set alight while allegedly trying to defect to North Korea....

Kim Yo-Jong
North Korea threatens to send army into border zone

By | 1 year ago

North Korea’s army has warned it is ready to enter the demilitarised zone dividing the two Koreas. The threat is partly in response to defector ...

The testing is part of an effort to understand how widespread the infection is on the continent. [PHOTO | FILE]
What you need to know: More than 4 million Covid-19 cases recorded worldwide

By | 1 year ago

The numbers: More than 4 million cases of coronavirus have been recorded worldwide, including at least 279,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins Univ...

demilitarised zone
North and South Korea exchange gunfire after Kim Jong-un reappears

By | 1 year ago

Such incidents across the world's most heavily fortified border are rare - the last occurred in 2017. It is not clear what led the North to open fire....

Kim Jong Un
North Korea’s Kim ‘alive and well’: Seoul

By | 1 year ago

Kim has not made a public appearance since presiding over a Workers' Party politburo meeting on April 11, 2020....

While the rest of the world is panic-buying tissue paper, South Koreans just want potatoes

By | 1 year ago

Craze started in Gangwon where rural farmers were struggling to sell their crops over social distancing policy during coronavirus outbreak....

WHO warns ‘we are in uncharted territory’ as number of coronavirus cases passes 90,000

By | 1 year ago

WHO warns 'we are in uncharted territory' as number of coronavirus cases passes 90,000...

Hong Kong coronavirus
Coronavirus: S.Korea raises alert to its ‘highest level’ as infections tripled

By | 1 year ago

South Korea went on high alert Sunday following a sharp jump in coronavirus cases, and Italy and Iran took their own drastic containment steps as an e...

South Korea says Russia ‘regrets South Korean airspace violation’

By | 2 years ago

A Russian official has said a military jet’s intrusion into South Korean territorial airspace was not intentional, according to Seoul’s pr...

Nigeria upset South Korea for rare World Cup win

By | 2 years ago

Reuters Nigeria took their chances against the run of play on Wednesday to beat South Korea 2-0 for rare success at the women’s World Cup to set the...

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