Social media

Instagram ‘will overtake Twitter as a news source’

By | 2 years ago

Coronavirus pandemic also seems to have offered a temporary reprieve to a downward trend in how much news organisations are trusted....

Social Media
‘Poor’ Nairobians spend most time on social media: survey

By | 3 years ago

Low-income earners in Nairobi spend the highest amount of time on social media, a new survey has revealed. Nairobi residents who earn between Sh30,000...

Why you should think twice before using aging ‘FaceApp’

By | 3 years ago

Everyone is talking about FaceApp — the app that can edit photos of people’s faces to show younger or older versions of themselves. Thousands ...

Is social media making you lousy at friendships?

By | 3 years ago

Betty Muindi @BettyMuindi You are skimming through your Facebook feed and notice a stream of unhappy posts from a once close friend from college. With...

Social Media
Things you shouldn’t post on social media

By | 3 years ago

Social media has undeniably become part of our daily lives; a serious addiction to some. We all know of people who share everything and anything with ...

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