Italian navy officer ‘caught selling secrets to Russia’

By | 8 months ago

Police swooped on the men in Rome "during a clandestine meeting between the two, caught immediately after the transfer of a document....

Russian vaccine
No grounds to postpone registration of Russian COVID-19 vaccine, expert says

By | 1 year ago

Russian Health ministry's chief non-resident epidemiologist Nikolay Briko told TASS that the vaccine was not developed from scratch....

WHO on Monday, March 16, 2021 appealed to countries to keep vaccination campaigns going. [PHOTO | FILE]
Russia to approve vaccine this month with doctors, teachers first to get jab

By | 1 year ago

Reuters, citing anonymous sources, said Russia's first potential vaccine would be approved by regulators this month....

Andrei Kelin
Russia’s UK ambassador rejects coronavirus vaccine hacking allegations

By | 1 year ago

UK security services said hackers targeting vaccine developers "almost certainly" operated as "part of Russian intelligence services"....

nuclear weapons
US and Russia to resume nuclear talks, but China casts cloud

By | 1 year ago

US intelligence has forecast that China is in the midst of doubling the size of its nuclear arsenal, troubling the Trump administration...

Vladimir Putin
Russia adds record 10,000 coronavirus cases in dramatic turnaround

By | 2 years ago

Anger is rising among the country's health workers after two dozen hospitals had to shut down for quarantines, with many doctors falling sick....

desert locusts
Russia gives Kenya Sh300 million to fight desert locusts

By | 2 years ago

In Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia, widespread breeding is in progress and new swarms are beginning to form, representing an unprecedented threat to food ...

Putin warns of rise in Russian coronavirus cases

By | 2 years ago

The Russian president also said the military could be deployed to help tackle the outbreak as it had done in Italy and elsewhere....

Oil prices crash by most since 1991 as Saudi Arabia launches price war

By | 2 years ago

Traders brace for Saudi Arabia to flood the market with crude in a bid to recapture market share after it launches price wars with Russia....

Entire Russian Govt resigns as Putin proposes reforms that could extend his grip on power

By | 2 years ago

Putin's critics have suggested that he is considering various scenarios to retain control of the country after his presidential term ends in 2024....

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