A bomb squad work on part of a downed missile in Kyiv. PHOTO/Reuters
Ukraine war: Russian missile attack targets Kyiv

By | 4 weeks ago

Ukraine has intercepted 31 missiles launched by Russia at Kyiv overnight, Ukraine’s air force said. At least 17 people, including a child, were ...

President Zelensky said he made the updated death toll public to counter Russia's inflated estimates2. PHOTO/Getty Images
Zelensky says 31,000 troops killed since Russia’s full-scale invasion

By | 2 months ago

Volodymyr Zelensky says 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed during Russia’s full-scale invasion. The Ukrainian president said he would no...

Donald Trump has encouraged Russia to attack Nato allies who do not pay their bills. PHOTO/Reuters
Trump says he would encourage Russia to attack Nato allies who do not pay their bills

By | 2 months ago

Donald Trump has said he would “encourage” Russia to attack any NATO member that fails to pay its bills as part of the Western military al...

Russian journalist who protested invasion of Ukraine gets jail sentence

By | 6 months ago

Former Russian TV journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, who captured world attention when she burst into a news broadcast with a placard that read “St...

A picture taken from the camera of the lunar landing spacecraft Luna-25 shows the Zeeman crater located on the far side of the moon, August 17, 2023. Roscosmos/Handout
Russia’s Luna-25 spacecraft crashes into Moon

By | 8 months ago

Russia’s Luna-25 spacecraft has crashed into the Moon after spinning into an uncontrolled orbit, officials say. The unmanned craft was due to ma...

Maandamano: Russia slams international community for ‘interfering’ in Kenya’s internal affairs

By | 9 months ago

Russia has dismissed a joint communique issued by Western diplomats on the ongoing demonstrations in Kenya. In a joint statement on Tuesday, July 18, ...

Russia’s top diplomat to disscuss progress of Russian-Kenyan ties with Ruto

By | 11 months ago

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said during talks with Speaker of the National Assembly of Kenya Mozes Wetangula on Monday that he also planned...

Russian warplane accidentally strikes own city
Russian warplane accidentally strikes own city

By | 12 months ago

A Russian warplane has accidentally fired a weapon into the city of Belgorod near Ukraine, causing an explosion and damaging buildings, the Tass news ...

Russian opposition figure jailed for 25 years
Russian opposition figure jailed for 25 years

By | 12 months ago

Opposition activist Vladimir Kara-Murza has been sentenced to 25 years in jail for treason and other charges linked to his criticism of the war in Ukr...

Coffee shop in Ukraine
Russian hackers ‘target security cameras inside Ukraine coffee shops’

By | 1 year ago

Russian hackers have logged into private security cameras in Ukraine coffee shops to collect intelligence on aid convoys passing by, a ...

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