Majority Leader

Plum perks Duale stands to lose after ejection from top seat

By | 5 months ago

The office of majority leaders is entitled to at least more than three top-range GK vehicles all above 4500cc....

Aden Duale
Duale kicked out as National Assembly Majority Leader

By | 6 months ago

Kipipiri MP Amos Kimunya, who was recently appointed Jubilee Coalition Secretary, takes over Daule's role in the National Assembly....

Kanini Kega
Duale fires back at Kanini Kega over ouster bid, accuses him of extortion

By | 6 months ago

Kega claims that he has collected 117 signatures in his bid to oust Duale from the Majority of Leader post. ...

Aden Duale
Why Duale should still be worried about his plum and powerful job

By | 6 months ago

On Wednesday Kieni MP Kanini Kega claimed that he had collected 117 signatures and still plans to engineer Duale's ouster. ...

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