Zitto Kabwe
Tanzanian opposition party leader arrested ahead of polls

By | 3 weeks ago

Rights groups say oppression of the opposition has increased significantly since President Magufuli came to power in 2015....

Tanzania's President John Pombe. [PHOTO | FILE]
Magufuli declares Tanzania free of Covid-19

By | 1 month ago

WHO has expressed concern over the government strategy on Covid-19 as it stopped publishing data on the number of coronavirus cases....

Tanzania lifts ban on commercial passenger flights

By | 2 months ago

Tanzania's Transport minister allows commercial passenger, diplomatic and humanitarian relief flights into the country without restrictions....

Tanzania's President John Pombe. [PHOTO | FILE]
Magufuli admits his own child contracted Covid-19, says cured by ginger, lemon

By | 2 months ago

Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli says his child contracted Covid-19 but has recovered after self-medicating while on quarantine. ...

Magufuli: Lockdowns, curfew not in our best interest, putting God first has worked for Tanzania

By | 2 months ago

So far, according to Covid-19 visualizer website, Tanzania has suffered 509 Covid-19 infections with 21 fatalities....

Faustine Ndugulile
Sacked Tanzanian Health deputy minister speaks out

By | 2 months ago

Tanzanian Health Deputy Health Minister who was sacked by President Magufuli takes his firing with humility....

Tanzania's President John Pombe. [PHOTO | FILE]
Magufuli is wrong on faulty coronavirus tests, says African Union

By | 2 months ago

Tanzania's main priority appears to be keeping the economy going as President Magufuli refuses to countenance the closure of markets....

Dr Nyambura Moremi
Tanzania’s Health minister suspends national lab director Nyambura Moremi

By | 2 months ago

Magufuli cast doubts on Covid-19 test results released by Tanzania's national laboraroty claiming some of them were verifiably false. ...

Tanzania warned on ‘false hopes’ in Covid-19 fight

By | 3 months ago

Tanzanian opposition leader Zitto Kabwe has warned the government against giving false hopes as coronavirus cases in the country rise significantly. M...

Magufuli claims coronavirus cannot survive in church

By | 4 months ago

On Sunday, Magufuli announced that Tanzanian Government would not close down places of worship over the killer coronavirus....

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