Kirinyaga: 20 families moved out after building develops cracks

By | 3 weeks ago

The County Government of Kirinyaga has swiftly e*******d 20 families from a housing structure in Kutus Town, Kirinyaga County following concerns over ...

25-year-old Kennedy Mwangi suspected of stealing an AK47 rifle from a police station in Kirinyaga
Man arrested as police recover A**7 r***e stolen from police station in Kirinyaga

By | 3 months ago

Police in Kirinyaga have recovered an A**7 r***e that had been stolen from Kab**ge police station in Kirinyaga county on February 2, 2024. In a statem...

Owner of Kirinyaga bootless brew that killed 10 people to be detained for 20 days
Owner of Kirinyaga i*licit brew to be detained for 20 days

By | 4 months ago

The owner of the joint that sold i*licit brew in Kangai vi*lage, Kirinyaga County wi*l be detained for 20 days pending investigations as the d***h tol...

Kirinyaga: 70-year-old arrested for s******g son to d***h

By | 4 months ago

Police in Gic**gu, Kirinyaga County have arrested a 70-year-old man suspected of s******g to d***h his son following a land dispute. According to a po...

Kirinyaga: Man's body found dumped on roadside
Kirinyaga: Man’s b********d dump*d on roadside

By | 12 months ago

A body of a 55-year-old man was on Sunday, May 28, 2023, found dump*d on the roadside in Kirw*rwa vi*lage in Mut*thi, Kirinyaga County. The lifeless b...

Shock as man kills lover, buries her body under the bed in Kirinyaga
Shock as man ki*ls lover, buries her body under the bed in Kirinyaga

By | 1 year ago

Police officers in Mwea East, Kirinyaga county, are looking for a man believed to have m******d his lover before burying her body in a shallow grave u...

Kirinyaga county gov't denies reports 12,000 students are suffering from STIs
Kirinyaga county gov’t denies reports 12,000 students are suffering from STIs

By | 1 year ago

Kirinyaga county government has vehemently dismissed a report doing rounds on various social media platforms regarding the spread of S****l Transmitte...

Bomet: 37-year-old man kills father over Inua Jamii money
Man ki*ls wife, son before taking his own life in Kirinyaga

By | 2 years ago

Police in Kirinyaga West sub-county have launched investigations into a murder and s*****e case that happened on Thursday, November 3 in Kibaratani vi...

Kiringaya Woman Rep wants sign language made compulsory subject in schools
Kiringaya W***n Rep urges gov’t to make sign language c*mpulsory subject

By | 2 years ago

Kirinyaga W***n Representative Njeri Maina has called on the government to make sign language a c*mpulsory subject in Kenya. The Member of Parliament ...

Kirinyaga: Three in custody for stupefying, robbing Catholic nun Ksh17,000

By | 2 years ago

Three women in Kirinyaga are cooling their heels in police custody after they were arrested for allege*ly stupefying and robbing a Catholic nun. In th...

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