Kirinyaga MCAs

Anne Waiguru
Waiguru hits back after MCAs slash her budget

By | 3 days ago

Kirinyaga Governor tells MCAs that their budget variations are illegal and unconstitutional, to resend budget back to them....

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru. [PHOTO | FILE]
Lawyers’ fees slashed from Ksh60m to Ksh1m, county secretary budget axed as MCAs starve Waiguru of cash

By | 6 days ago

Resentful ward representatives move to starve Waiguru of cash after losing fight to impeach her in the Senate....

Kutus demo
Huge demo in Kutus town as locals urge Senate to uphold Waiguru impeachment

By | 3 weeks ago

Demonstrators took to the streets of Kutus town to urge the Senate to uphold Anne Waiguru's impeachment as Kirinyaga governor....

Anne Waiguru
Unshaken Waiguru responds to MCAs’ impeachment bid

By | 4 weeks ago

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru tells ward representatives that she will not be bullied into submission by their bid to impeach her....

Anne Waiguru
Waiguru rejects MCA’s amendments on Covid-19 budget

By | 1 month ago

Kirinyaga supplementary budget was meant to allocate Sh20 million for Covid-19 mitigation measures in the county....

Anne Waiguru
I won’t back down, defiant Waiguru scoffs at MCAs over impeachment motion

By | 2 months ago

Anne Waiguru tells her detractors that she is going to complete a five-year term, urges Kirinyaga residents to pray for her protection....

Anne Waiguru
MCAs give Waiguru Sh4m for coronavirus control, want sanitisers in all public spaces

By | 4 months ago

Kirinyaga County Assembly passes Sh4 million supplementary budget for coronavirus control, want sanitisers in all public spaces....

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