East Africa

The fake East Africa currency
Ugandan man behind viral fake East African currency shocked by its success

By | 3 months ago

To the casual observer, it seemed like the long-cherished dream of a new single currency for East Africa had c*me to fruition. An account on X, called...

Alarm as police in Nairobi arrest suspected Iranian t*******t

By | 2 years ago

Officers attached to the Anti-T*******m Police Unit (ATPU) on Sunday, November 28 nabbed a terror suspect who they believe was planning terror attacks...

Being home of stress aside, Nairobi now ranked among most expensive cities in Africa

By | 3 years ago

A recent report has ranked Kenya’s capital Nairobi as the most costly city to live in East Africa. Key considerations in the indexing were facto...

FAO w*rns of new locust invasion threat in Kenya, eastern Africa

By | 3 years ago

A few sw*rms could spread further in Kenya and reach Tanzania, South Sudan and Uganda this month, the FAO w*rns....

East Africa
Covid-19: East Africa cases swell to 651 with 22 d***hs

By | 4 years ago

Kenya is leading in East Africa with the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases with 270 while Tanzania is second with 170....

aerial spraying
Bi*l Gates donates Sh1bn to fight locusts in East Africa

By | 4 years ago

The desert locust invasion is the worst in 70 years for Kenya and the worst in 25 years for Somalia and Ethiopia....

‘Locust invasion’ forced Ethiopian plane to divert

By | 4 years ago

East Africa has been hit by its worst locust invasion for 25 years, which has devastated crops across the region....

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