climate change

Nairobi Water said the city is now relying on water from Sasumua, Kikuyu Springs and Ruiru dams, which only supply 15 per cent of the entire county. [PHOTO | FILE]
Nyeri residents facing imminent water shortage due to climate change

By | 1 week ago

Thousands of Nyeri residents are in danger of facing water shortages following declining water levels in major rivers and streams due to climatic chan...

Nearly Aus$25 million raised as Australia reels from bushfire fury

By | 2 years ago

The weekend marked some of the worst days in the Aussie's deadly bushfire crisis, with hundreds the overall death toll climbing to 24....

Australia evacuation
Military evacuates fire-hit Australian town

By | 2 years ago

At least 20 people have died, dozens are missing, more than 1,300 homes have been damaged in an unprecedented months-long bushfire crisis....

Australia fires
Thousands to sleep at beaches as fires encircle Australian towns

By | 2 years ago

Three people have died, 5 more are unaccounted for, and scores of properties were feared destroyed after flames reached well-populated towns....

greenhouse gases
Greenhouse gas concentrations break records, again

By | 2 years ago

Levels of other warming gases, such as methane and nitrous oxide, have also surged by above average amounts....

State criticises developed countries for failing to mitigate climate change

By | 3 years ago

Alvin Mwangi @PeopleDailyKe The Government yesterday criticised developed countries for failing to provide funds to mitigate the impacts of climate ch...

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