Biden admits he contemplated suicidé after his first wife, 13-month-old daughter di*d in crash

By | 4 weeks ago

US President Joe Biden opened up about the dark times he endured after his first wife and daughter di*d in a c*r crash, describing to radio host How*r...

Biden, Trump set for election rematch after securing party nominations. PHOTOs/Getty Images
Biden, Trump set for election rematch after secu**ng party nominations

By | 2 months ago

US President Joe Biden and his predecessor D**********p have both pa*sed the delegate thresholds to clinch their parties’ nominations for the el...

US President Joe Biden trips and falls at Colorado event
US President Joe Biden trips, falls at Colorado event

By | 12 months ago

US President Joe Biden tripp*d and fell while handing out diplomas at a graduation ceremony for the US Air Force Academy in Colorado on Thursday, June...

White House
Biden expected to bar travel from South Africa, Brazil

By | 3 years ago

Travellers from the UK, Ireland and 26 other European countries are also expected to be banned....

White House
Biden sets to work on reversing Trump policies with executive orders

By | 3 years ago

President Biden signed 15 executive orders, firstly to boost the federal response to the coronavirus cri**s....

Vladimir Putin
Putin finally congratulates Biden on US election victory

By | 3 years ago

While many world leaders congratulated Biden within days of election, Kremlin says at the time that it deemed it correct to wait for the official resu...

Joe Biden (L) was inaugurated as 46th US President on January 20, 2021, taking over from Donald Trump (R), who served as Head of State for one term, beginning January 20, 2017. [PHOTO | FILE]
Biden: ‘More p****e may die’ as Trump transition stalls

By | 4 years ago

President-elect Biden, a Democrat, has 306 votes in the electoral college, surpa*sing the 270 threshold needed to win....

US President Joe Biden. [PHOTO | COURTESY]
Chinese government avoids answering question on when it wi*l congratulate Joe Biden

By | 4 years ago

More than 24 hours after US media declared Biden victorious, China remains one of the few major countries yet to send a message of congratulations to ...

46th US President Joe Biden (L) and his predecessor Donald Trump (R). [PHOTO | FILE]
Biden pulls ah**d in Pennsylvania

By | 4 years ago

Democratic Joe Biden has taken the lead over Trump by 5,587 votes, with 95% of the state's precincts reporting....

Donald Trump
Trump declares ‘phenomenal’ results

By | 4 years ago

Trump claims a lead in Pennsylvania - just like rival Joe Biden did earlier on election night. It is sti*l too early to determine a winner in the stat...

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