Stay woke! Lilian Ng’ang’a simply played Governor Mutua and Juliani

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On Sun, 6 Feb, 2022 09:19 | 4 mins read
A photo collage of Lilian Nganga, Governor Alfred Mutua and Juliani. PHOTOS/COURTESY

When they finally came out as a couple, they made bloggers and mainstream writers reach atop their grammar shelves and bring out their dusty clichés- dubbing them- lovebirds.

The duo inundated the press with bountiful praise, gooey compliments and more wobbly-lipped platitudes, you’d think they were issuing the Best Actor and Actress acceptance speech at the Oscars

Of Julius Otieno aka Juliani, Lilian Ng’ang’a’s lips dripped with adulation: “I like to call myself a thinker but when I met Juliani it was like I found the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle. His value and mine were aligned. Just the way he looks at life, what he values, what is important to him are the same things that are important to me and that is very rare.”

The ‘Niko Njaa’ virtuoso with a liking for Eminem describes Ng’ang’a as a curious, funny lady who shares in his love for philosophy.

And on her birthday earlier in the week, the winds of change that sent her staggering into the arms of the rapper were solidified with vows as the pair said ‘I do.’

It is a little more intricate than that. See, Ms. Ng’ang’a was ostensibly ‘married’ to the incumbent Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua for close to a decade. She answered to the title of ‘First Lady’ and relished all the trappings of power that came with not only her title but with the perks of marrying a man of means.

Her social media pages were an influx of photos of vacations, Bae-cations, preening in high sense of fashion and the typical Princess lifestyle. We woke up one day to a press release which sounded more like cri de cœur where the man who cleaned her up from the alleys of planes, where she was checking seat belts and serving juice and hoisted her into money, fame and power was suddenly painted as a vicious villain, who is manipulative, vindictive and abusive.

Flanked by a well-known rapacious lawyer, who stared impatiently and honked something inaudible from his Boujee mask, Lilian trilled that in fact, the only thing Mutua ever did for her, was pay her school fees. I was flummoxed at the primitive audacity and sense of entitlement that is the currency of the modern woman. Is paying for one’s school fees a ‘mere’ thing? Whoever educates you has empowered you for life! Facts however need no spokesperson and it is common knowledge the man changed her life and made her who she is today.

A few months after the accusations, she has remarried and is allegedly in her second trimester as a mother-to-be. Juliani has often parroted his innocence over the debacle, tootling over how it was Lilian who asked for his number, made the first move and shared with him her situation with Mutua and that he was just there for whatever she needed.

What an excruciatingly weak man! A woman you barely know cackles about her husband of ten years to you and you offer her a hanky to soak her tears, rocks her on your shoulders, then she trips and falls on your third leg and gets pregnant?

Can’t this emasculated man see that he was manipulated as an exit plan by a gold digger who after gobbling money from Mutua, now wanted a younger man she can wrap around her finger with her vile charm; someone with low self-esteem whom she can rush to the altar and have a child with after years of popping pills?

Juliani even claims he was considering ‘celibacy’ before Lilian vibed him. Aha! A man considering celibacy is now pushed to the corner. No alpha male, a young man at that who is not an aspiring priest ponders on celibacy unless he has been cudgeled by life. Lilian saw a vulnerable man and she pounced.

If Mutua was emotionally abusive, why did she stay for ten years, cruising around Machakos and its environs in an entourage, barking orders at County workers, grinning and thrilling at the title of First Lady, following him to trips abroad, gushing at public functions?

What took her so long? Why did she not speak out as she took shares from his family company, built a Foundation with his resources, went for Masters with his money, and jointly owned assets like the A&L hotel? Wait, why did she opt to leave months to the end of his last tenure in office?

I dare ask, why did she not get pregnant for the ten years and was comfortable being a wife on loan with no traditional or white wedding? Simple- she saw an opportunity to enrich herself and Mutua, like all these shallow men who vaunt some education and money, but suffer from cataract of sense and settle for trophy women who are just beauty with liabilities.

Perhaps the Governor hit his head on his bed but last I checked, his brain has resumed normal functioning and was last pictured in Australia, making amends with Dr. Josephine, the wife of his youth, the mother of his children whom he unabashedly and unceremoniously dumped for a Jezebel.

It better sound like a gong of warning – avoid gold-digging treasure wives. They are as enticing as myrrh but as destructive as slowly ingested cyanimide. Learn from men like Atwoli who is a billionaire but shunned slay queens for the homely and lowly Mary Kilobi.

Who are you trying to impress with the damsel, the public that will mock you when you are fleeced, broke and depressed? Shun the gold diggers and take the society back to the days when marriage was more than some lousy contract to please the public eye. Take it back to days when men scratched more than the surface and went for value, virtues, homemakers, potential mothers, nurturers, builders and future-oriented women.

Perhaps if you sought counsel from your fathers and grandfathers, the men you shun as old and outdated; instead of Western TV pseudo psychologists and YouTubers, you will not get played like Mutua and Juliani.

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