Baringo women protest against sale of illicit liquor

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On Tue, 20 Sep, 2022 21:44 | 2 mins read
Baringo women protest against sale of illicit liquor
Baringo women protest against sale of illicit liquor. PHOTO/Faith Lagat.

Irate women from Kapkombe, Baringo North trekked for over 15 kilometres to express their dissatisfaction with the sale of illicit brews and second-generation alcohol in their localities.

Chanting enough is enough while carrying twigs and holding placards with their grievances printed on them, the women on Monday, September 19, 2022, trekked for a long distance to present their grievances to officials from the national government.

Agitated, Magdalene Kipkechem called upon relevant authorities to go to their aid and arrest all those engaging in the illegal alcohol business.

Kipkechem alleged that the drinks packaged in plastic bottles are sold cheap and whose main target is school-going children.

The women accused area chiefs and some police officers of failing to take action against some traders who have dens within the localities where they sell the brew openly to young children.

According to the women, their husbands have no time for their families and had reached a point where they could no longer sire children due to the huge intake of illicit drinks that have in the long run affected their performance in the bedroom.

“Men have failed in their daily duties, they no longer provide to us like they used to. They have failed to administer the conjugal rights, we are tired of this state. We cannot even sire children anymore, may the relevant authorities chip in and help us bring a crackdown on the illicit brew and second-generation alcohol,” she decried.   

Another disgruntled parent Priscilla Kimosop lamented that both young girls and boys who dropped out of school have resorted to selling and brewing illicit liquor.

“we’re tired of seeing our children drop out of schools and resort to drinking the illicit and second-generation alcohol. We are asking the government to chip in and help us end the crippling menace. They are abusing drugs, early mornings you find them already out but staggering,” agitated Kimosop said.

The sale of second-generation liquor and illicit brew is done inside Chebono forest and has in the long run affected the enrolment of children in ECDE institutions.

The area has also experienced massive theft of sheep, poultry and breakages of granaries as the affected youth source money from the sale of the items to keep them in the truck of buying the destructive drinks.

 Kabartonjo Assistant County Commissioner Danson Waithaka promised the women that he together with relevant authorities would chip in to see that the situation is contained soon and the perpetrators dealt with accordingly.

“We. Together with Nyumba Kumi heads, have come up with a list already having the names of the perpetrators and we are yet to deal with them with the full force of law, your grievances shall not go unattended to, we are ready and in no time, you will have your areas back with sanity,” Waithaka noted.

 Baringo North Sub County Administrator Hellen Juma on her part said that both the national and county government together will apprehend those perpetrators who have engaged in illegal business in the area.

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