Woman’s ordeal at hands of gunmen who carjacked, robbed and raped her

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On Sun, 13 Oct, 2019 16:31 | 2 mins read
A woman was carjacked near her house in Kayole and robbed of Sh18,000 before she was raped by one of the gunmen on October 11, 2019. PHOTO | FILE

An employee of a mobile service provider endured at least two horrifying hours in the hands of gangsters who robbed her of cash before one of them raped her on Friday morning.

The gangsters robbed her of Sh18,800 and took her to Family Bank Utawala Branch where they withdrew some more money.

At the bank, the gunmen then checked her M-Pesa Fuliza limit and sent Sh10,000 to a security guard who was manning the bank.

They then ordered him to withdraw the money for them. The security guard on Friday told the police the robbers then ‘paid’ the security guard Sh1,000 for his services.

Following the robbery, the gun men drove around with her and dropped off one them few metres from Kayole Police Station as the other proceeded to the Quarry area where he raped the victim.

The alleged rapist then drove the car to Mihango where he handed over the car to the victim, just few metres from her residence.

And she becomes the latest victims of one of the heinous crime.

Nariobi County Police Commander Philip Ndolo said the middle-aged woman, who was taken to a city hospital, had on Friday morning arrived at her residence in Mihang’o Mwangaza Court when she was confronted by the two armed men as she was alighting from the vehicle.

She was ordered back into the car and forced into the back seat.

The gunmen drove the car towards Kayole then to Chokaa on Kangundo Road where they ordered her to surrender all the money she had.

She gave them Sh6,800 plus the Sh12,000 in her M-Pesa account.

They then took her to Family Bank Utawala Branch where they withdrew money and forced the security guard to give them his mobile number. They sent Sh10,000 from the victim’s Fuliza account to his number and forced him to withdraw the cash.

After that, they drove back towards Kayole and on reaching near Kayole Police station, one of the robbers alighted.

The other robber drove with the victim to the quarry where he raped her.

After raping her, he drove back to Mihango and parked the vehicle a few metres from the victim’s house.

He then handed over the car to the victim and ordered her to drive to her house.

The victim, with the help of neighbours, called her colleagues who rushed to the residence and took her to a city hospital where was admitted.

The vicious attack has now cast a shadow of fear in Kayole and Utawala areas, especially among women, that the gang may strike again.