Woman who was remarried after husband disappeared for 47 years wants to go back to her ‘original’ man

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On Sat, 25 Sep, 2021 20:28 | 2 mins read
84-year-old Peter Oyuka who returned home on Tuesday, September 21 after a 47 year absence.PHOTO/COURTESY.

A woman in Kakamega whose husband had left her for a total of 47 years after he told her he had gone to seek green pastures is contemplating going if approached well.

The 84-year-old man sent social media ablaze after he opened up about his bitterness on returning home after 47 years, only to find out that his two wives whom he left behind had moved on and remarried.

Peter Oyuka says he left home in search of greener pastures in 1974 aged 37 but was shocked to find a disintegrated family at his Makele Village home.

Oyuka is said to have returned to Kakamega five years later in 1983 but never went home to visit his family.

He also visited Kakamega in 1992 and 1996 without going to check on his family. It was during his absence that his two wives found new partners and settled into their current marriages.

However, one of his wives known as Elmina Mutole said she was okay if at all the man was ready for him and the move was welcomed.

She narrated to a local station that the man left her when she was only 26 with a total of three children, still at the age of 73 the woman says she still loves Oyuka.

β€œHe was the man in my youthful days and I met him in 1963 at a funeral when I was 15, and he fell in love with me,” she said.

The following day, the duo agreed to marry each other and Oyuka did not waste any time, he went ahead and paid the bride price. 

According to Mutole the bride price was Ksh2, 000 and two cows and things became rosy until he disappeared in 1974.

As soon as the man left, life became unbearable, forcing Mutole to go back home.

Four years after staying with her father, a man approached her and asked for a hand in marriage.

Together with her new lover, Mutole was blessed with two kids, but the man died 12 years ago.

She believes the move would be hard and many might judge her, but it was something she will not regret, given she still loves Oyuka.

On his own confession, Oyuka opened up saying that he had left for Tanzania to seek greener pastures and in the process sired children.

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