Willy Paul picks fight with Sanaipei, claims her ‘bad attitude’ can’t allow her get husband

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On Thu, 25 Nov, 2021 19:31 | 2 mins read
Photo grid of Sanaipei Tande and Willy Paul. PHOTO/COURTESY

Singer Willy Paul has come out to hit back at Mombasa-based Sanaipei Tande who claimed that she can’t do a music collabo with him.

In a previous radio interview with Mzazi Willy Mtuva, Sanaipei revealed that Willy Paul had reached out to her a collabo but she declined for reasons best known to her.

Asked why she refused to fo the collabo, Sanaipei said that the reason was a private one between her and the “Liar” hitmaker.

Days after the interview, Willy Paul has now come out to express his displeasure with Sanaipei’s sentiment.

The Saldido boss revealed that he was disappointed in Sanaipei’s sentiment accusing her of having a bad attitude. He claimed that it is her bad attitude that made men run away from her.

He claimed that he feels Sanaipei, a music artist he looked up to while grown, hates him for no apparent reason. He said that he has never wronged the Amina hitmaker therefore she doesn’t have a reason to hate him.

“This kind of attitude ndio inafanta mabwana wanatoroka. Yaani huyu dada Sanaipei… I grew up listen to her, she was among the top kwa list yangu ya favourites but leo ndio hii interview yakeimeifikia nikaumia sana. Being someone’s fan almost maisha yangu yote alafu hivi ndio mtu anaongea? Yes I’m not perfect but wewe sijawai kukosea ata siku moja coz sikujui ivo.. when I saw this clip nimeona kama kuna alot of hatred kutoka kwako (This kind of attitude is what have made men run away from you… I grew up listening to her, she was among my favorite female music artists but today I feel pained with what she said in the interview. I feel that she hates me),” Willy Paula said.

Willy Paul further noted that he had worked with several top female artists including Size 8, Nandy, and Alaine but none of them has ever shown him such attitude.

Pozze explain that he was interested to do a collabo with Sanaipei so that she would feature her on his new album, The African Experience. According to Pozze, he has always believed that Sanaipei is a top-notch musician but he did not that she had a band attitude.

Walai Nilitaka tu a taste of ur voice kwa #THEAFRICANEXPERIENCEALBUM because I believe I you’re talented vibaya sana. You’re one of the best nimeona so far. Always thought ukona roho safi kumbe iko ivi? Now you’ve missed out on the biggest album.. kila mtu mwenye ako hapo ni bigger than you. But I still wanted to have you hapo aki (I just wanted a taste of your voice in my album because I believe you are talent. I always though you had a kind heart but I was wrong. Now you have missed out on the biggest album. All the artists the album are bigger than you but I still wanted you to be in it),” he added.

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