Why students torched Buruburu Girls

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 1 Nov, 2021 16:41 | 2 mins read
Buruburu Girl High school on fire. PHOTO/COURTESY

An alleged high-headedness by Buruburu girl’s high school principal Caroline Maina could have been the reason why students torched part of the institution on Sunday.

According to independent sources gathered by People Daily, Maina is said to have received a warning from Form three students that they would torch the school but she ignored them by responding to them sarcastically.

A form two student who spoke to People Daily said one of the biggest reasons that irked them was the decision by the school to divide form three learners into different classes based on their academic potential.

“Last week on Wednesday we informed her that we were not happy with that decision since it made some of us feel poor. However, even after she received our letter she dismissed us and instead told us if we wanted to see a fire to combine our books and burn them as well,” the student told people daily on condition of anonymity.

According to the student, all the bright students were placed in one class while the academically challenged were left to wallow on their own.

Further, it has also emerged that parents were also unhappy with the Principal for failing to give them an audience despite their numerous letters.

“ As parents of Form 3W 2021 in Buru- Buru Girls School, we would like to bring to your attention that several issues with the school administration have not been addressed. Things have become very difficult for our daughters as they are being victimized because of informing us of their plight in school. The victimization is for the whole class in terms of verbal abuse and sometimes physical abuse,’ read a letter by parents to the Regional Director of Education dated 1st September.

In the letter, the distraught parents also expressed their displeasure with teachers teaching Chemistry and Mathematics who they claimed were only paying attention to the brighter students only.

However, when reached for comment the principal who appeared to be under a lot of pressure said the issue was being blown out of proportion to malign her name.

“This is just a drop that has been blown into an ocean. Am one of the most responsible teachers who you will ever meet,” she said.

She added, “ Yes we have some mistakes but the truth is that most of the students we have in this school come from the “who is who family” and they tend to be unruly”.

Yesterday, the school administration allowed the students to go home for a few days as investigations commence.

So far 19 girls are still admitted at the Metropolitan Hospital while 16 others are at the Jamaa Hospital.

“Parents will be allowed to go home with the girls and the date when they are supposed to come back will be communicated,” said the school’s Board of Management Chairman Lazarus Opicho.

Opicho also warned that all those students who will be in the wrong will face the full face of the law.

“ We are warning that serious action will be taken against any student who will be caught in the wrong,'' he said.