Who is telling the truth? Murgor rubbishes claims of third w***n in Ndichu brothers’ a*****t saga

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 23 Oct, 2021 17:08 | 3 mins read

Senior counsel Philip Murgor has come out to disregard claims by the third woman whose side of the story had not come into the limelight after a viral video showed twin brothers Eddie Ndichu and Paul Ndichu allegedly assaulting women at Ole Sereni hotel.

Hassan Munyra, armed with a medical report and a police report, had claimed in a statement that the scuffle was between her and one of the Murgor's nieces and that the video that was circulating online did not capture her part.

The video had shown a scuffle where Cheryl Murgo, 24, had accused one of the Ndichu brothers of assaulting her sister Stephanie Murgor, 22, last weekend.

“One of the ladies in question walked by us and, from nowhere, reminded Eddie of his marriage with Janet Mbugua. She kept on repeating that Eddie was Janet’s husband, a behaviour that Eddie evidently didn’t like.

“At some point, one of the twins told the lady’s man while exiting that his lady was a bit respectful and the lady didn’t take the comment lightly so she charged at us. I told her to back off as we were leaving but when we go to the lobby, a lady came running while screaming, ready to fight the person who she said pissed her sister off. And that’s how they started fighting me,” Munyra had said.

In a quick rejoinder, SC Philip Murgor, who is acting as Stephanie and Cheryl’s lawyer in the case, rubbished the claim and insisted that it is an open secret to see that the twins were violent against his nieces as captured on the viral video.

“That the alleged fight was between her, and one of the complainants Cheryl, and by implication not an assault by one or both of the Ndichu brothers on Stephanie and Cheryl Murgor is false,” Murgor told K24 Digital.

He added; “The CCTV, will also prove that it was Ms Hassan who charged at Patrick, before she was stopped, and thereafter she attacked Cheryl, who had come back into the hotel to protect Patrick. At all times Cheryl fought back in self-defence, in the course of which she was bitten, and severely injured. Pls review the video recording of the incident circulating on social media, and ask yourselves what the Ndichu brother in a white shirt was spitting out, and removing from his teeth, while holding Cheryl’s wrist, and after he had repeatedly slapped Cheryl (who was not in any way engaging with him).”

Without delving much into the case, Murgor wanted to know why Munyra whose identity has been revealed as Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdulahi’s niece, made a report at Kiambu police station and not Akila Police station where he says should have been the appropriate place to report the matter since it covers the location of the Ole Sereni hotel.

Murgor also alleged that the Ndichu brothers had not reported the matter to any police station, a thing he says raises eyebrows.

“It was widely reported that the IG of Police had asked those involved in the incident to report the matter to the police. This was after Cheryl, Stephanie and Samuel had made a report to Akila Police Station, which covers the location of the Emara Hotel. Why has Ms Hassan made a report to Kiambu police station, which have no jurisdiction over the incident? Ms Hassan, together with her friends should instead report to the police station investigating the incident as soon as possible, and record their statements,” he told K24 Digital.

However, in an earlier statement released on October 19, the Ndichu brothers had indicated that the matter had been reported to the police and DCI for further investigation and resolution.

This development comes after the matter was reportedly directed back to police by the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) for forensic investigations before charges can finally be preferred on the suspects.