Where is Jack Ochieng? Family wants Mutyambai’s response

By Wangari Njuguna On Fri, 30 Apr, 2021 16:29 | 2 mins read
Cliff Ochieng and his sister Ndona Ochieng siblings to Jack Ochieng at the Murang'a County Government mortuary when they went to identify a body which was retrieved from river Mathioya on Thursday. Photo: Wangari Njuguna

Family of Jack Ochieng who went missing alongside three other people last week is now demanding answers on his whereabouts from the police officers.

The family had turned up at the Murang’a county government mortuary to check on a body which had been retrieved from the river on Thursday but they said it does not belong to Ochieng.

Ndona Ochieng, sister to Jack said they had high hopes of getting their brother, but the body they found here belonged to a different person.

“We checked the body, it was very fresh so we could not confuse him for another person. Jack had some body marks that we were checking but this body did not have them” said Ndona.

She said everything in the family has come to a standstill and they have been emotionally drained due to the disappearance of their kin with their ailing parents being the most affected.

“Our parents are ailing and this issue has taken a toll on them and I am afraid we might lose them “she said.

She said they have been to nearly all the morgues within the city and the neighbouring counties in search of him to no avail saying this has been traumatizing them.

She said the police have been silent on this matter and they are not getting any assistance from the government to search for him.

“At this point we want our brother dead or alive, and the police should hasten in tracing him because he could be lying somewhere his body wasting away and we need the government to help” she added.

“This matter has taken so long and we have tried our best on this issue but the government should tell us what else we can do to find him” she added.

Cliff Ochieng, brother to Jack said they are worried of having him being associated with criminals despite him having a clean record.

He said his brother could have been a victim of circumstances and it would be very wrong if his life has been taken away.

He said he has viewed more than 20 bodies from as far as Nakuru in his frantic efforts to trace his brother to no avail.

“Jack has worked with tours and travel companies and had a car hire business and we don’t know him being involved in any criminal activities” said the brother.

“Even if he was involved in any crime, we should have been told and the necessary legal action taken instead of having him killed because everyone has a right to life” he added.

Cliff appealed to the government to help in search of their kin for their brother to be found soonest possible.

“We just want our brother back dead or alive and we won’t take any action against anyone who could be involved in this” he remarked.

Salima Njoki from Haki Africa who had accompanied the family said the inspector general of police Hilary Mutyambai should be answerable for the death of the two people whose bodies have been found and the whereabouts of the ones yet to be found.

She said there was a worrying trend of people going missing and their bodies found dumped in various places.

She also questioned how the body of Elijah Obuong found its way to Murang’a despite there being a restriction of movement into the county.

“These are families in pain and they are seeking answers on what happened to their loved ones” she said.

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