When was the last time ulifanya kitu ya maana kwa hii Industry? – Eric Omondi f***s at Femi One for responding to his attack on Kenyan musicians

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 6 Nov, 2021 21:35 | < 1 min read
Musician Femi One and Comedian Eric Omondi.PHOTO/COURTESY

Comedian Eric Omondi has responded to musician Femi One who called him out over his remarks on the state of Kenya's entertainment industry.

In an interview with radio presenter Felix Oduor popularly known as Jalang’o, Omondi said Kenyan musicians are sleeping on their job and getting a beating from Nigeria and Tanzanian artists.

“The Kenyan entertainment industry is asleep. Artists have become redundant, predictable and boring yet there is a good space for you to take over,” Omondi said.

The comedian's statement appeared to have rubbed Femi One the wrong way who told off Omondi arguing that some comedians and presenters/bloggers belittle and disrespect Kenyan artists day in day out after failing terribly at being musicians themselves.

"Lol! Tanzania siku mbili ukafundishwa sarakasi ndio inafanya uongee mbayaa hivi kuhusu Kenyan artists?" Femi One said.

"The sooner you guys (Musicians) realise that your Industry is in a Limbo the better it will be for you. DENIAL will not take you anywhere START by accepting the facts!!! Your Industry needs to URGENTLY wake Up!!! You have become MEDIOCRE, LAZY and COMPLACENT," Omondi responded.

"Leave Your COMFORT ZONES NOW!!! Huyo mwingine mwenye ameniongelesha ni LEGEND so for the sake of RESPECT sitamjibu but wewe Femi One enda Studio kabla nikutafte nikuchune maskio. Guys I mean no harm I just think we Can do better!!! WAKE UP NOW!!! It's never too late. Twende Kazi!!!!" Eric Omondi replied in a post on his Facebook age.