Weatherman speaks on claims that most Kenyans now sleep naked

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 17 Mar, 2022 18:16 | < 1 min read

The Kenya Metrological Department has spoken about claims that most Kenyans are currently sleeping naked due to intense hot weather.

David Koross, the Assistant Director Forecasting at the Department said that the country had seen an upsurge in heat, especially at night, saying it could be the reason for the claims.

“We have been experiencing excessive heat at night because the atmosphere is becoming very unstable. The temperature is usually high at night and that's why most Kenyans now say they do sleep without clothes,” he said.

He however said that the country will soon start receiving rainfalls, especially in Nairobi, Western, Machakos and Central regions.

“By today afternoon, we shall start to experience some showers and thunderstorms in counties like Nairobi, Central region, Machakos and Western region,” he said.