Wajackoyah nominates marijuana advocate Gwada Ogot as Herb CS

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On Thu, 30 Jun, 2022 17:36 | 2 mins read
Gwada Ogot
Kenyan researcher Dr. Gwada Ogot. PHOTO/Gwada Ogot/Twitter

Roots Party of Kenya presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has nominated researcher Dr. Gwada Ogot as his Cabinet Secretary for Herb ahead of the August 9 general election.

Gwada has been at the forefront in pushing for the legalisation of marijuana in Kenya.

In 2017, Gwada petitioned the Senate's Health Committee calling for the decriminalisation and legalisation of marijuana in the country.

"God has made more than 430,000 plants and put them on earth then somebody has come and barred just one. You ask yourself why?" He posed during a session with the committee members.

Gwada echoes Wajackoyah

Just like Wajackoyah, Gwada has always advocated for the legalisation of marijuana to settle Kenya's economic woes.

Roots party candidate George Wajackoyah.
Roots party candidate George Wajackoyah. PHOTO/Wajackoyah/Twitter

"Marijuana is the world's most profitable crop. Marijuana can transform our national economy. It’s able to sort the doctors' and the teachers' salaries.

"Marijuana is the only basis for a universal healthcare program. It's the basis of Africa's pharmaceutical industry," Gwada said when he appeared on a local radio station in November 2020.

He argued that Kenyans have never proposed criminalisation of bhang use.

"Everything that we are talking about based on marijuana was delivered to us from the West and through United Nations conventions.

"There is no single Kenyan community that has gone to any authority and said ban marijuana.

It is upon us to start making decisions independently rather than relying on the west to direct how we even use the drug that grows in our back yard," Gwada added during the radio talk show.

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