Victim attacked by Wakali Kwanza gang disappears from hospital

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 6 Aug, 2019 16:24 | 2 mins read
Coast General Hospital
Coast General Hospital. PHOTO | FILE
Coast General Hospital. PHOTO | FILE

By Reuben Mwambingu.

Police in Mombasa are looking for a 30-year-old man, who disappeared from Coast General Hospital in unclear circumstances.

The man identified as David Baya was, on Monday evening, attacked in Bamburi Mwisho area by the outlawed Wakali Kwanza gang, and taken to the referral health facility.

“He was supposed to go for surgical toilet at night, but when the nurse in charge brought his file, we realised that he had disappeared and he was nowhere to be seen… We are asking authorities to help us track him down because his motive of leaving the hospital unattended is not known,” Anthony Mogaka, a senior nurse at the Coast General Hospital, told K24 Digital.

Four of the victims rushed to the health centre are in critical condition.

“We began receiving the victims shortly after 9pm. So far, four of them have been admitted, seven treated and discharged, three are in the wards said Mogaka.

Victims of the ugly attack on Tuesday, recounted to K24 Digital what transpired before, during and after the surprise raid by the machete-wielding Wakali Kwanza group.

The victims, some of whom are fighting for their lives in different hospitals in Mombasa, said the attack was carried out by a gang of about ten to 15 youth, a majority of whom were clad in red T-shirts and bandanas.

The victims said it was at around 8pm when all hell broke loose.

According to Joseph Kaberia, one of the victims and a shopkeeper in Bamburi, the attackers were armed with machetes.

"I heard commotions and, [when I looked outside my shop, I saw] people fleeing. As I tried to run away from the store, a machete-wielding youth attacked me. He slashed me in the head and lower abdomen. I lost a lot of blood," Kaberia told K24 Digital at the Coast General Hospital.

Another shop operator, Nicholas Kimathi, who survived the attack, said: “I operate a small shop at the Bamburi Mwisho area. On Monday night, I had gone out to look for some loose cash (sic). As I was returning to my shop, I heard commotions. From afar, I saw a person being hacked with machetes and I realised that something was wrong.”

Kimathi, however, managed to hide from the attackers.