UoN Chancellor reveals plans to link graduates to well-paying job market

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On Mon, 27 May, 2024 09:28 | 2 mins read
Ruto appoints environmentalist Patrick Verkooijen as UoN chancellor
Prof. Dr. Patrick Verkooijen. PHOTO/@UoN/ X.

University of Nairobi Chancellor Prof. Patrick Verkooijen has revealed plans to link graduates to a ready well-paying job market in key reforms set to hit the institution of higher learning.

Speaking to a local TV station late on Sunday, May 26, 2024, the Dutch Chancellor revealed that UoN is at an advanced stage of establishing a Green Jobs Centre.

According to Verkooijen, the job market is shifting towards the green centre and most major companies are looking to recruit highly trained individuals to help them develop their climate policies.

To help UoN graduates tap into this emerging job market, Verkooijen explained that the institution has decided to engage industry players and employers to strike an exchange programme. The UoN Chancellor explained the institution would collaborate with the industry captains and develop a curriculum that would equip students with relevant skills that fit the job demands.

UoN Towers. PHOTO/uonbi.ac.ke
UoN Towers. PHOTO/uonbi.ac.ke.

In return, the environmentalist announced that the executives must commit to hiring green centre graduates.

"The jobs of the future are not in the old fossils industry. The well-paid jobs are in the green sector," he stated.

"In the coming period, we are going to set up Kenya Green Job Centre where we will engage with corporate leaders and ask them what skills they need to absorb the highly trained individuals into their organisations. Together with the captains of industries, we plan to develop a curriculum but they also need to commit to absorbing those who graduate from the green centre into your business," he added.

Introducing artificial intelligence course

University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor Prof Stephen Kiama during a past function. PHOTO/ (@vcuonbi) / X
University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor Prof Stephen Kiama during a past function. PHOTO/ (@vcuonbi) / X.

At the same time, Verkooijen announced that the University of Nairobi is set to establish an Artificial Intelligence school as part of the plans to create skilled manpower for the future.

As part of the programme, Verkooijen indicated that UoN will start offering the first-ever AI master's degree.

"We gonna do that because it has this economic growth trajectory. And we have the assets for it. We have the best computer science students, business entrepreneurship students and then combined with this innovation part we have something to build on for the future," Verkooijen insisted.

Defending the introduction of the new course, Verkooijen maintained that the future would be greatly dependent on AI and thus it will drive the shift in job markets.

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