Unknown p****e butcher, run away with construction worker’s h**d in Naivasha

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 22 Aug, 2021 13:21 | 2 mins read
Unknown people butcher, run away with construction worker’s head in Naivasha. PHOTO: (Screengrab).

A construction worker was beheaded in Mirera village, Naivasha, by unknown people who are believed to have disappeared with his head.

According to video footage from the scene of the crime, area residents are heard lamenting over the brutal murder of the worker.

A police vehicle, which came to pick the deceased, is seen parked close to the victim's remains.

Nyumba Kumi officer Peter Chege confirmed the incident identifying the deceased as Karanja.

He revealed that Karanja was brutally killed 100 meters from his homestead.

Chege revealed that Karanja had just been paid his week-long dues though he was not sure whether his death was over the money.

"We have never heard of this kind of murder. I have been with Karanja for the last one week where he has been working here and there just to earn a living. They are usually paid after one week, so he was paid on Saturday," he told the press.

He raised concerns over rising cases of security in the area and challenged the government to take action against a group of people he accused of consuming bhang in the area.

The victim was reportedly on his way home from a drinking joint when he came face to face with his death.

"This area is adjacent to a railway line. We have a group of people who like sitting along the railway line and I am afraid that they consume bhang. We want Investigations done from the bar where he was taking liquor," he said.

According to Chege, the motive of the killing is a mystery to them given that the deceased is not wealthy.

He said residents are now afraid of their wellbeing following the incident and called for immediate action to restore peace and tranquillity in the area.

Security officers have launched investigations into the matter and sniffing dogs have been deployed to unravel the puzzle of his death and his missing head.