Union pleads with Waiguru to reinstate sacked health workers

By KNA On Thu, 9 Apr, 2020 08:48 | 2 mins read
Kirinyaga Governor Anne Mumbi has taken a swipe at Thirdway Alliance Party leader, Dr Ekuru Aukot, after his Punguza Mizigo project flopped. [PHOTO | K24 DIGITAL]
Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru. PHOTO | FILE

The Union of Kenya Civil Servants has urged Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru to rehire health workers whose services were terminated for participating in a strike.

Patrick Ndungu, Kirinyaga County branch secretary, said that the over 300 health workers have continued to suffer as their petition is still pending at the High Court.

“We are appealing to the Governor to consider the plight of the workers and have them reinstated to their positions,” Ndungu pleaded.

He said it is not logical for the county government to recruit new staff when the 300 experienced staff remain unemployed.

The union also raised concern over undue delays in salaries with the county employees now going for the second month without pay.

“The delay is impacting negatively on the workers especially at this trying moment of the Covid-19 pandemic,” Ndungu said.

The official said employees with loans in various financial institutions are suffering after failing to meet their obligations.

He said the NHIF dues delays have resulted to the members and their families being denied treatment services by health institutions.

“Landlords have been a terror to our employees, they don’t understand how a government employee can fail to receive their salaries every end of the month,” Ndungu told the media.

The official also accused the county of failing to promote county workers for four consecutive years.

“The last time deserving promotions were granted in Kirinyaga County was in 2016 which has turned out to be disheartening to the workers,” he said.

Ndungu said many of the health facilities in Kirinyaga are yet to receive protective clothing and workers are living in fear of contracting coronavirus.

“In the slaughter houses which are operating as normal, the equipment should be provided considering that those places are congested by cleaners, butchers, loaders and the meat inspectors,” he said

“Now that there is a dire need to have additional staff in the Ministry of Health to combat the coronavirus, we are asking our governor to reconsider her decision to sack the workers and withdraw the case in court,” the officials said.

Ndungu said the governor should be reminded that she sent home some of the most experienced workers with an enviable track record of competency, devotion and who had saved many lives.

“We need them now more than ever to save the lives of Kirinyaga people who may contract this deadly virus,” Ndungu said.

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