Uhuru launches scathing attack on Mt Kenya leaders

By Mathew Ndungu On Wed, 4 Dec, 2019 18:38 | 2 mins read
On April 16, the president announced his administration had begun identifying needy families in Nairobi, who would receive weekly stipend. [PHOTO | FILE]
On April 16, the president announced his administration had begun identifying needy families in Nairobi, who would receive weekly stipend. [PHOTO | FILE]

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday hit out at Mt Kenya politicians crisscrossing the country over the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report, accusing them of being dishonest.

President Kenyatta said the report that was released on Wednesday last week belongs to Kenyans and not the few politicians who are only championing their own narrow and selfish interests.

The Head of State urged Kenyans to ignore politicians and read the document for themselves.

In an attack on politicians seen to be opposing the BBI report, the President said a section of politicians think they can take him for a fool because he has been silent on the issue.

“A month before we released the report, they were busy moving around the country saying their own things. Now that we have released the report, they have moved in a different direction. These are people who don’t know where they are going,” said Mr Kenyatta.

The President said he would not be drawn into the 2022 succession race.

“When the time comes, it is only God and you [the voters] who know who will be elected,” said Mr Kenyatta.

The Head of State said he has been monitoring what the politicians have been propagating in public rallies and will issue a statement in January next year.

The BBI report was publicly unveiled on Wednesday last week by President Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, the fruit of their March 9, 2018 handshake.

The President was speaking at Mang’u village in Gatundu North Constituency, Kiambu County where he launched the expansion of St Francis Mang’u Health Centre constructed by Japanese Embassy at a cost of Sh 8.9 million.

“When the right time comes, I know who control politics and they are not those who are politicking now. We are tired. Before we released the report they were making unnecessary talks everywhere and days after the release they are the once dictating what should be done where,” he said.

He took issue with a section of leaders in the country for focusing on 2022 succession politics instead of development.

“Your only desire is to live in peace and not who will lead you in the future. Any politician that will not transform you for the better should not be your friend,” he added.

The President chided leaders across the political divide over poor utilization of funds disbursed by the National Government.

“We must ask ourselves, where we have gone wrong. I have no quarrel with anyone but we must ask ourselves, where we have gone wrong. Every year, the government spends Sh70 billion in both National Government Constituency Development Fund and devolved funds…If we have been spending our money well, we would have built over 7,0000 facilities such as this,” he said.

During the event that saw all politicians denied opportunity to address the public, Kiambu politics played out with embattled Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu not being recognized and instead his deputy James Nyoro given the honour.

Waititu was placed at the far end left corner of the second row while his deputy Nyoro was placed at the right end corner.

Instead, Health Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki, area MP Wanjiku Kibe, Murang’a county Woman Representative Sabina Chege and her Kiambu counterpart Gathoni Wamuchomba took the front row, sitting next to the President.

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