Cost of ugali to rise amid maize flour shortage

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On Sun, 12 Jun, 2022 08:15 | 2 mins read
A family enjoying Ugali. PHOTO/Courtesy.
A family enjoying Ugali. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Kenyans should prepare for tougher economic times ahead as the price of maize flour is set to rise in the coming week amid political jitters occasioned by election campaigns.

This comes after the millers stated that they have run out of stock citing maize shortage and hoarding of the precious commodity by neighbouring countries.

Empty wallet. PHOTO/Courtesy.
Empty wallet. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Following the looming economic shock, Kenyans will have to dig deeper into their already-tattered pockets to be able to fend for their families.

What it will cost for a packet of Maize flour

For a 2Kg packet of maize flour that retailed at Ksh140, one will now have to dig deeper and pay Ksh200.

According to a report, Kitui Maize Mills chief accountant, Paul Miiri opined that the government did not intervene despite being informed of the situation at hand.

Miiri also noted that the company had not received new stock for the past three days defending that they will be forced to resort to other solutions such as importing maize from other countries if the situation persists.

“We have asked, in vain, the government to move to engage Tanzania to release maize to Kenyans. Tanzania is hoarding maize, while those who are selling have hiked the price by Sh2,000 per bag,” Miiri stated.

Kitui Millers. PHOTO/Courtesy.
Kitui Millers. PHOTO/Courtesy.

He further accused the government of failing to subsidise the cost of importing maize stating that this interfered with the process.

“Reserves at the National Cereals and Produce Board have dropped and supply from local farmers has dried up. The government has also failed to subsidise the cost of importing maize from Latin America, making it difficult to import,” he noted.

Importers stated that the maize situation was heavily fueled after Tanzania cut its supply into the country, they added that getting a bag of maize that retailed at Ksh4,000 now costs Ksh5,800.

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