Two Busia women, aged 28 and 29, switch husbands ‘in search of happiness’

By John Makuba On Mon, 9 Sep, 2019 17:29 | < 1 min read
Lillian Weta
Lilian Weta, 28, with her new husband Christopher Abwire, 34, at their home in Siroba village Matayos. PHOTO |
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    Two Busia couples agree to spouse switch.

    Drama started after one of the men, Kevin, took on  a second wife, Millicent. 

    But Millicent had deserted her husband.

    Kevin's wife sought out Millicent's husband and talked him into marrying her. 

Two couples have left tongues wagging in Matayos, Busia County after agreeing to switch spouses ‘in search of happiness and peace of mind.’

Twenty-eight-year-old Lilian Weta, who is a mother of three, and Milicent Auma, 29, a mother of two, agreed to live peacefully with their new husbands after the switch.

According to Lillian, her husband Kevin Barasa, took on Millicent as his second wife in August, but she was already married to Christopher Abwire whom she had deserted.

Bitter and stung by her husband’s infidelity and disloyalty, Lillian sought out Millicent’s husband and talked him into marrying her two weeks ago.

Christopher said his first wife, Millicent, left their home without notice and after a long search, he was informed that she had married elsewhere.

The two couples later met after one of the women raised issues with the arrangement, but after discussions they agreed on the spouse switch.

Kevin told K24 Digital that he is content with the arrangement and his new wife, with whom he says he has found peace of mind and happiness.

But elders at their Siroba village, led by Hector Osuru, said they don’t know what to make of the switch even though they respect the couple’s decision.

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