Trans Nzoia considering county lockdown to ensure everyone gets second jab

By Richard Sakah On Sun, 12 Sep, 2021 17:37 | 2 mins read

Trans Nzoia Deputy Governor Stanley Kenei has said the county government may be forced to limit free movement within their jurisdiction to avert the increasing numbers of cases.

Kenei says that counties may be forced to lock down in order to force thousands of Kenyans who have been given the first jab but have refused to go for the second jab to be vaccinated.

According to Kenei the move by the locals has slowed down the uptake of vaccine, putting those who have received the full vaccination at risk.

“We have received reports that thousands of locals who got the first AstraZeneca jab have not gone for the second jab, forcing the government to urge area chiefs and health officials to trace them and fish them out,” Kenei said.

“We will be forced to enquire from each traveller if he has been fully vaccinated before criss-crossing our counties because they have refused to be fully vaccinated,” Kenei added.

Kenei has further reiterated that soon the country will miss on international investors as they may fear that it is a corona infested zone due to the tendency by a few individuals of not showing up for the exercise which is free.

“Israel is giving their children a fourth dose while European countries and USA has fully vaccinated their whole population and is opening their economy then we want them to invest in our country they won’t come because they fear being infected,” Kenei added.

He has further praised the move by the national government in making sure that vaccines reach all the corners of the country, citing that it is only Kenyans who were letting the national government down for not showing up to be vaccinated.

“The national government has really tried given they want the counties to vaccinate ten million people to open the economy, I urge Kenyans to be vaccinated and avoid being fed lies being peddled by some people who do not know what they are talking about,” Kenei said

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