The pregnancy isn’t mine, Lamu Senator Loitiptip tells Mombasa woman

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On Mon, 16 Sep, 2019 16:05 | 2 mins read
Hanifa Were
Hanifa Were addresses a press conference in Mombasa on September 15, 2019. PHOTO | BONFACE MSANGI | PD
Hanifa Were addresses a press conference in Mombasa on September 15, 2019. PHOTO | BONFACE MSANGI | PD

Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip has denied claims that he impregnated and ditched a woman he met through social media.

Loitiptip said the woman, Hanifa Were, is out to taint his image after he told that their relationship can't work.

The senator was forced to comment on private affair after Were called a press conference on Sunday and accused him of impregnating and ditching her.

At the press conference, the 36-year-old woman claimed she met Loitipip in April on Facebook.

Were, who is popularly known as Hanny Fynn, said their relationship started when the Lamu senator sent her a message on Facebook.

"At first, I thought it was a fake account but when he video-called me, I realised it was was him. He told me that he was in need of a wife and I would settle down in marriage. I was so convinced that I didn't think twice," she said.

Were said she later traveled to Nairobi where she met Loitiptip in a restaurant, after which they went home together.

"He asked me to travel to Nairobi and when we met, he took me to a nearby shop where we he bought me new clothes because we had to spend the night at his residence," said Were.

The woman told journalists that she spent two days at the senator's house and was forced to travel back Mombasa over mistreatment.

Were said she discovered she was pregnant and informed Loitiptip.

"I called the senator and told him about the pregnancy but said he has nothing to do with it. Since then, he has been threatening me and asking me to leave him alone," she said.

Loitiptip dismissed Were's claims, describing them as a ploy to taint his image but admitted that he was in a relationship with the woman.

"I am a married man. I thought she would make a wife but later realised that she is older than me. I was not ready to settle down with her. I was not ready to settle down with her. She is too old for me," he said, claiming the woman has been threatening to break his family.

The senator claimed that Were is taking advantage of his status as a politician to blow the matter out of proportion, adding that the woman is not pregnant by him.

"She is forcing me to be with her, you cannot force a relationship. When I saw her photos I thought she was a young woman only to realise she is older than me. I told her it can't work, but she does not want to understand," said Loitiptip.

Were held the press conference at Muslims for Human Rights Organisation offices in Nyali, Mombasa.

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