Tharaka Nithi: Shock as man allege*ly ki*ls 70-year-old father, cooks, eats his body parts

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On Sun, 28 May, 2023 10:22 | 2 mins read
Tharaka Nithi: Shock as man allegedly kills 70-year-old father, cooks, eats his body parts
Police at the scene where a man is said to have killed his father before cooking and eating his body parts in Tharaka Nithi. PHOTO/Courtesy

A man in Giankaja village in Tharaka Nithi county was arrested after allegedly killing his father before cooking parts of his body is currently cooling his heels in custody at a police station in Tharaka Nithi county.

Police who confirmed the unfortunate incident noted that the matter was reported to the village elder after the 70-year-old victim was reported missing for three days.

A thorough search was conducted across the village by the area locals in an attempt to find the elderly man.

Hours of searching led them to a deep tunnel where they found the body of the deceased already decomposing. The deceased had been decapitated and parts of his body dismembered with his legs lying beside his body.

Body vanishes

They rushed back to the area chief to inform him that they had found the missing man. However, when they returned to the tunnel the body was nowhere to be seen.

Troubled by the twist of events, the curious locals together with the police and the chief searched deeper into the tunnel. They hovered through the deep tunnel which led them to a house that police say may have belonged to the suspect.

When they arrived at the scene, they were astonished to find a cooking pot filled with meat and some vegetables.

At the scene, was a human skull and blood-stained clothes as well as the deceased's gumboots.

Police interrogated the suspect on his father's whereabouts but he noted that he was also unaware as he was still searching for him.

The rest of the missing body parts first spotted by the locals was found dumped in a sack and covered with stones inside Nithi River.

One of the area residents who claimed that the suspect began digging the tunnel in 2017 stated that the suspect and his victim had an argument about the condition of the tunnel before he went missing.

"The two had quarrelled after the man stopped his father from cutting the Napier grass around the tunnel," Johnson Mutembei a resident told a local publication.

The suspect is currently in custody pending arraignment in court to face murder charges.

"We have arrested a man who is suspected to have killed his father, cooked part of the body and hidden some in a tunnel," Muthambi Sub-County Police Commander stated.

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