Tharaka Nithi: Assistant chief arrested in drinking den during crackdown on illicit brew

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On Sat, 8 Oct, 2022 20:19 | 2 mins read
Illicit brew joint crackdown in Mukothima Ward in Tharaka Nithi County PHOTO/Courtesy

Thiiti Sub-location Assistant Chief Samuel Ndatho was arrested in a drinking den following a crackdown on illicit brew in Nkumburu Village in Mukothima Ward of Tharaka Nithi County.

The local administrator was in the company of other residents enjoying the illicit brew and was nabbed by a team of administrators made up of Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs and Area Managers in the crackdown.

According to Gikingo Assistant Chief Gitonga Mucee, the rogue Assistant Chief had resisted arrest and asked his counterparts to leave them to enjoy the brew, issuing threats and intimidation with the confrontations leading to some suspects fleeing the scene.

The Assistant Chief was later outnumbered, arrested and taken to Mukothima Police Station.

"Everyone must abide by the law. Today we decided to clean up our society, enforce the law and bring an end to illicit brew perpetrators. In our operations, we nubbed one of our own who tried to resist his arrest, but we managed to arrest him and we have him in custody at the Mukothima Police Station," he said.

According to the administrators, the Assistant Chief has, on previous occasions, been enrolled in a rehabilitation program following his alcoholic nature and had been relieved of his duties.

Over 300 litres of the illicit brew were nubbed in the raid, with claims that police officers and some of the national government administrators were accused of taking bribes to protect the illicit brew business and according to Assistant Chief Gitonga Mucee, investigations were underway to identify the officers and have them face the law.

Kirundi Assistant Chief Isaiah Berece warned those involved in the business to find alternative job opportunities, promising to bring an end to those operating illicit brew-drinking dens.

Berece asked residents to report or help take into custody officers involved in taking bribes to protect the business, saying they would be held accountable for their actions.

"It is unfortunate to find one of our own legalizing the illicit brew business instead of assisting in policy making and enforcing the law to curb the illegal business," he said.

Under Kenyan law, brewing and selling illicit liquor is punishable by up to 10 years in prison, a fine, or both.

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